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vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 9th May

by andrew May 2011 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

A mixed bag of miniature fun, ice cream, romance, deep sea diving and more: our weekly web round-up of travel tips, lists and laughs...


Adventures in Lilliput

We might not fly to Hamburg, but we'd certainly love to land at their new terminals at Miniature Wunderland. The largest model airport in the world cost €3.5 million and is an exact replica of the city's own international airport.

For a more interactive miniature experience, visitors to San Francisco should check out the World’s Smallest Postal Service. Surprise your friends and family with tiny travel missives and just hope they can actually read them.



NYC: Ice Cream and Romance

It's about to get sticky in the city again, which means two things: outdoors and ice cream. While the trucks will be out in force, nothing really beats the real thing. So if you're hitting the parks of Manhattan and Brooklyn soon, familiarise yourself with the best ice cream shops with easy access.


On a related note, did you or someone you know, get engaged near the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park last Saturday? Really? Well, Michael Justin Films have some pictures that might interest you.


Green home Chicago

Just as our seasonal flights to Chicago start so too does the summer run of the Lincoln Park area's fantastic Green City Market. From now until October, the market moves outdoors every Wednesday and Saturday. More than just a farmers' market, it's a great community event with cookery demonstrations and live music.


Underwater Carnival

From green to the deep, deep blue…If you're off to the diving paradise of  Tobago soon, the island's 2nd Annual Underwater Carnival is about to kick off, so don't miss out. And if you're a novice, here are some great tips for first time divers.



Sin City: A vision of the future

While Las Vegas never ceases to surprise with ever more crazy entertainment and architecture, its slot machines pretty much stay the same. Vegas Tripping think it might be time for a change though we're unsure anyone will be taking them up on their 'Fat Elvis' machine concept just yet. Warning: this list is somewhat puerile.

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May 2011
I dreamed one day to fly to Hamburg, it is a great place to take rest...

thank you

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