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vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 2nd May

by andrew May 2011 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

After a couple of weeks off, our weekly round-up is back with travel tips, lists, bits and bobs from our destinations around the world…


Get busy in Cape Town

We do love a list and while we tend to stick to even or round numbers there's nothing wrong with breaking the rules as What's Up Cape Town have done here with this 19 minutes and 19 things down-to-earth guide to activities in and around the Mother City.



Drop off the kids for date night in NYC

Holidaying with small kids but want to recapture some of that old romance and still keep them happy? The ever-reliable Mommy Poppins has a handy list of entertaining childcare options in New York, including pajama parties and more.



LA: Ice cream sundae, Monday, Tuesday…

If you're off to Los Angeles anytime soon, you've definitely picked the right time as Ben & Jerry's Scoop Truck has hit town and will be handing out free samples all over the city for the next six weeks!



To the pub!

We've done all sorts of London lists covering chocolate shops, cakes, even hats, but we've yet to focus exclusively on the great British boozer. As broad a topic as it is, we have to concede that The Guardian have done a pretty good job with their 10 Best London Pubs list this week. We can personally vouch for the great atmosphere of the Ewok village-like beer garden of North London's Faltering Fullback too.




Finally, we came across this nifty number via Uncommon Caribbean. Possibly the only car manufactured in the Caribbean, the Island Cruiser looks like the perfect hire car for an easygoing drive…



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Andrew is an occasional contributor to the Virgin Atlantic blog. He lived in the Japanese countryside for two years until he could no longer resist the pull of London's galleries, pubs and clubs. He likes to pretend he can speak Japanese and also sometimes writes about music.