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vtravelled Playlist: Havana Nights

by andrew November 2010 - last edited September by Community Manager

Every bit as important as your toothbrush and sunscreen, music is an essential travel accessory for many of us, so don’t forget to pack your soundtrack! We're pleased to introduce our new post, bringing you suggested playlists for our destinations and all kinds of situations.  We’d love it if you joined in by either adding to the playlist or creating your own topic/playlist to share with fellow Virgin Atlantic vtravellers...

Last week, for our Caribbean Sunsets playlist, the spotlight was on Jamaica; this time we're staying in the islands, with a little jaunt to the equally musical capital of Cuba.

This selection is for getting ready for a night on the town, whether that's a visit to Havana's various cabaret evenings, a bit of Hemingway-inspired bar hopping or high culture at the ballet. Pour yourself a Cuba Libre and start off slow and easy with the stars of Buena Vista Social club, warm up with some Latin jazz classics and hit the streets to some modern timba and reggaeton. Enjoy!


Playlist 2: Music for a Night Out in Havana

  • Compay Segundo - "Chan Chan"
  • Omara Portuondo - "Hermosa Habana"
  • Ibrahim Ferrer – "Mamí Me Gustó"
  • Celia Cruz – "Guantanamera"
  • Arsenio Rodriguez – "Se Formo El Bochinche"
  • Mongo Santamaria – "Watermelon Man"
  • Cachao – "Descarga Cachao"
  • Los Van Van – "Chirrín Chirrán"
  • Klimax – "Ahora Qué Invento?"
  • Haila – "En La Pelea (feat. Habanos Cuba)"

If you're in the UK or Europe and use Spotify, you can jump straight to our playlist, here.


Here’s a handful of performances from the legendary Cachao, the irrepressible Los Van Van and first lady of Cuban music Celia Cruz performing Cuba's most famous anthem.


If you've been suitably inspired, head on over to Virgin Holidays, who are the UK's leading holiday company to the Caribbean, with Cuba and many more island destinations on offer – and book your place in the sun!

And for direct flights to Cuba, visit virginatlantic.com to book your flight

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December 2010
classics… For some sunnier vibes, please check out our previous playlists: Savannah Songs, Havana Nights, and Caribbean Sunsets.If you’re suitably inspired and ready for a walk in Central Park, head
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