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10 highlights of Shanghai’s French Concession

by ClaireBullen a month ago - last edited a month ago

10 highlights of Shanghai’s French ConcessionFrom historic sites to pretty public parks, from the art galleries that give the neighbourhood its creative character to the trendy warrens of bars that tempt the city’s younger set, here are some of the best things to do in Shanghai’s wonderfully evocative French Concession.


Where To Try Chinese Hairy Crab Hairy crab season comes but once a year. Every autumn, between the months of September and November, makeshift crab restaurants fashioned from old tarp, plastic stools and bamboo rods, sprout up across Shanghai. They exist to serve one dish and one dish only, the celebrated Chinese hairy crab.


Exploring Tea Fields in China

by CharlotteM December - last edited January

Exploring Tea Fields in ChinaOriginating in China as a restorative and medicinal beverage, it’s no surprise that tea tours do well in Shanghai. But a better option is to sip at the source, so take a day trip and visit the tea fields in China on your next trip to Shanghai.


The Best Baijiu Bars in Shanghai

by CharlotteM November - last edited November by Moderator

The Best Baijiu Bars in ShanghaiBeyond China, baijiu is an acquired taste. At home, however, the 5,000-year old white liquor is the favourite toast for family celebrations and business banquets at bars in Shanghai.


The Best Shanghai Water Towns

Known for their traditional red lanterns and scenic stone bridges, the famous Shanghai water towns offer a unique window into the past. We've selected the best water towns within easy reach of the city, for the ideal Shanghai day trip.


The Old City of Shanghai

Amble through the winding streets of Shanghai’s Old Town and you'll find an ancient way of life flourishing in the shadow of glittering skyscrapers. Here we take a look at where to explore as you journey through the old city of Shanghai.