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Hunting the Dinosaurs of Utah

by BillyYang October 2014 - last edited September

Hunting for the Dinosaurs of Utah

Close to 300 unique species of dinosaur have been unearthed in Utah and there are plenty of places throughout the state where anyone can witness these discovers. Follow our guide and uncover the fascinating dinosaurs of Utah. 


Red Rock Country: The Beauty of the Desert

by BillyYang May 2014 - last edited September

Red Rock Country | The Beauty of the Desert

Utah's terrain is a varied one. The northern part of The Beehive State is dominated by the Rocky Mountains, with streams and rivers from the mountains that rushed downwards to create verdant valleys. Down in Southern Utah it’s a different story. This is Red Rock Country.


Airport Restaurants: The Best From Around The World

by Chantelle May 2014 - last edited August 2014

Airport Restaurants: The Best From Around The World

In little more than a month, Heston Blumenthal will light up London’s new Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. His ambitious bid to offer exquisite, Michelin standard food at lightening speed is sure to be tested when the restaurant opens for business. But Heston isn’t the only top chef to take on the terminals. Here are a few of the best airport restaurants to book on your next trip.


A Guide to Fly Fishing in Yellowstone

by BillyYang April 2014 - last edited October

A Guide to Fly Fishing in YellowstoneIn the US, all fly-fishers at some point feel the urge to make the trek to the mecca of fly-fishing: the rivers along the western edges of Yellowstone National Park, which run through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.


Speed Driving in Utah: The Bonneville Salt Flats

by BillyYang February 2014 - last edited October

Speed Driving in Utah | The Bonneville Salt FlatsWest of the Utah’s Great Salt Lake lies one of the United States’ most extraordinary natural landmarks: the Bonneville Salt Flats. For visitors to the area, the 30,000 acres of reflective, blinding salt is a must-see tourist stop. But for automotive fiends, the area is nothing short of a racing Mecca.


Salt Lake City's Summer Ski Resorts

by BillyYang January 2014 - last edited October 2014

Salt Lake City Summer Ski ResortsEven the license plates in Utah proudly state that this area has “the Greatest Snow on Earth.” But even after the snow has melted, there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the slopes at Salt Lake City’s summer ski resorts.