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The Birds of Delaware Bay

by RichardCrossley May 2014 - last edited October by Community Manager

The Birds of Delaware Bay: A Different Kind of New JerseyA hop, skip and jump from Philadelpia, and within easy striking distance of Washington, Baltimore and New York, is the region’s best kept-secret, the upper Delaware Bay. An area rich in natural and cultural resources with vast wetlands and varied wildlife, this is a great place to get up close to the extraordinary birds of Delaware Bay.


Why You Have To Go On A Cape May Beach Holiday

by JoAnn May 2014 - last edited September

Why You Have To Go On A Cape May Beach HolidayWhy should you go on a Cape May beach holiday? Well, if you’re looking for great architecture and pristine beaches, a laid-back vibe and sophisticated cuisine, family-friendly fun and grown-up pleasures, then America's oldest seaside resort fits the bill — and then some.


NextFab: The Philadelphia Design Scene

by JoAnn January 2014 - last edited September

Next Fab Studios | The Philadelphia Design SceneFrom a thriving shipbuilding industry established during the Colonial era to a diverse manufacturing economy of textiles, beer, and raw materials in the mid-20th century, Philadelphia has long since called itself the "workshop of the world." 


Philadelphia Mural Arts Program: 30th Anniversary Celebration

by JoAnn December 2013 - last edited September

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program: 30th Anniversary CelebrationThe Philadelphia Mural Arts Program got its start in 1984 as the artistic component of an anti-graffiti initiative. It's since morphed – "at 100 miles per hour," according to Jane Golden, the program's guiding light from day one – into a formal program that pairs professional artists with community participants, and has yielded some 3,600 murals — making Philadelphia the unofficial world capital of the form.


The City of Brotherly Love | Guide to PhiladelphiaPerfectly positioned between New York City and Washington D.C, the City of Brotherly Love – as Philadelphia translates from the Greek – offers the big city amenities of those two world capitals but at a more human scale and an often quirkier pace. Take a look at our guide to Philadelphia for the city’s must-see spots.