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A neighbourhood guide to Orlando’s Ivanhoe Village

by ScottHorn a month ago - last edited a month ago

A Neighbourhood Guide to Orlando's Ivanhoe Village | Lakeside views

A lively little neighbourhood set far off the tourist trail, Ivanhoe Village is fast becoming one of the hippest ‘hoods in Orlando. While offering enough superb restaurants, bars, boutiques and sights to make even the most jaded traveller smile, this district is still quiet enough for an evening stroll or a relaxing afternoon amble. Check out our neighbourhood guide to Orlando’s Ivanhoe Village.


The top golf courses in Orlando

by ScottHorn April - last edited October

The top golf courses in OrlandoFor the golfing traveller, deciding where to tee up in Orlando can be a rough process. Over a hundred years of landscape development has produced dozens of top-flight local courses as varied in style and difficulty as they are plentiful. Giving every option a fair shot might sound a bit daunting, so we’ve selected the top golf courses in Orlando to try on your next rip.


The Disney Hotel GuideWalt Disney World Florida has 18 different hotels. With so much choice, how do you even begin to decide where to stay when visiting Orlando? From foodie escapes to Savannah-style retreats, take a look at our Disney Hotel guide to find your perfect fit.


A Neighbourhood Guide to The Milk District and Audubon ParkBeyond the world-class theme parks and family-friendly attractions, Orlando’s up-and-coming Milk District and Audubon Park Garden District are where the city’s real magic happens. Take a look at our neighbourhood guide to find out where to visit on your next trip to Orlando.


New Orlando: Things To Do in 2015

by KristenManieri October 2014 - last edited October

New Orlando | Things To Do in 20152014 has been a brilliant year for buzz-worthy openings at Orlando’s best theme parks. But when it comes to new Orlando attractions, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2015 and beyond.


Orlando's Top New Theme Park Attractions

by Virgin-Atlantic September 2014 - last edited October by Community Manager

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Orlando's got sun, it's got sights, but it's perhaps best-known for its abundance of world class theme parks. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't want to visit Mickey and pals at Disneyland when they were little, but today there is a huge range of attractions on offer across Florida's theme park capital, and only so much holiday time to see them all.