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On Location USA: Movies Set in Los Angeles

by Lauren January - last edited January

Movies Set in Los AngelesSince the birth of Hollywood, film and LA have been inextricably intertwined. Over the years, the city has doubled for New York, Ireland, and Japan, but Los Angeles is best when cast as itself. Get the popcorn ready for our five favourite movies set in Los Angeles.


Travelling with Teenagers: Cool Places in L.A

by Lauren December - last edited December

Travelling with Teenagers | Cool Places in LASometimes the most challenging part of a holiday can be finding something that everyone will enjoy, especially when it comes to travelling with teenagers. Thankfully Los Angeles offers a variety of activities as distinct as the city itself...


The Best Local Breweries and Vineyards in Los Angeles

by Lauren September - last edited September

The Best Local Breweries and Vineyards in Los AngelesAlthough Napa is regarded as the wine capital of the West Coast, don't discount Los Angeles as a great venue for drinking wine from the source.


Made in LA | Best Handmade Boutiques in Los Angeles

Discover artisan Los Angeles with these five excellent boutiques. Showcasing the best handmade products by local artists, they offer eveything from jewellery and candles to organic toiletries and household goods.


Meals on Wheels: Los Angeles Food Trucks

by Eva July 2013 - last edited August by Community Manager

Aunties Fry Bread.jpg

On any given day, you’ll find 6,000 roving eateries in LA, so it’s not hard to find a bite on wheels. But how easy is it to find the best roaming dishes on the Los Angeles food trucks scene? Just hop on a flight to Los Angeles and leave it to us...


Past Rodeo: Where the Locals Shop in LA

by Eva April 2013 - last edited August by Community Manager

A + R | Los AngelesPalm tree-lined Rodeo Drive may be the best-known spot to shop in LA, but on any given day it’s home to swarms of starstruck tourists (with nary a local in sight), navigating the swanky boutiques as if at a zoo.