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The top seafood restaurants in Fort Myers

by JenKaretnick a week ago - last edited Monday

The Top Seafood Restaurants in Fort MyersWhen vacationing in an ocean-side spot like Fort Myers, which is blessed with pure white-sand beaches and waters that turn from turquoise to aquamarine, opportunities to dine on the fruits of the sea abound. Why not amplify the experience of sampling the local seafood with a view of the abundant sunshine glinting on the water, or the moon laying down a path towards the horizon? Here’s our pick of the best waterfront seafood restaurants in Fort Myers.


Edison & Ford Winter Estates“There goes the neighbourhood.” Clearly, that’s not what folks were thinking when automobile magnate Henry Ford bought an estate on the Caloosahatchee River in 1916, next door to American inventor Thomas A. Edison’s winter digs. Today, these former family plots form the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.


Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Boca Grande

by JenKaretnick November - last edited November

Fly fishing for tarpon in Boca Grande

When it comes to fly fishing for tarpon and the waters of Southwest Florida, all the rumours are true. The shallow, brackish ocean passes in Boca Grande yield record-size fish that can weigh up to 350 pounds and measure eight feet long.


In the Mangroves: Wildlife Spotting in Fort Myers

by ClaireBullen January 2014 - last edited October

In the Mangroves: Wildlife Spotting in Fort MyersFlorida’s mangroves – also known as “walking trees” because of the aerial, stilt-like roots that make them look as if they’re walking on water – make for magical viewing and great holiday snaps. Those planning a holiday in Fort Myers have the ideal opportunity to see these amazing forests in person.


Forty Myers | A Guide to Captiva and Sanibel IslandsAbutting the glittering waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers is a beach lover’s dream destination. The approachable city offers inviting stretches of sand in addition to its many bars, restaurants, and cultural stops. You could feasibly spend most of your holiday here decked out in just a swimming costume and flip-flops.


A Beginner's Guide to Fort MyersA subtropical climate, innumerable beaches, outdoo activities aplenty and a fair dose of history: there’s no arguing that Fort Myers is a standout destination for those looking to holiday in Florida. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, read on for our beginner’s guide to the City of Palms for some sun-drenched travel inspiration.