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Shanghai for Business Travellers | Entertaining Clients in ShanghaiBeautiful, bustling Shanghai: whether you’re exploring the historic areas of Puxi or threading amongst the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong, this dynamic and crowded city has a whole lot to offer. For business travellers looking to impress their clients in this vast Chinese megalopolis, we’ve selected some of the best venues for entertaining in Shanghai.


The Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2014

by ClaireBullen January 2014 - last edited September

Top 2014 Travel DestinationsThe arrival of the New Year doesn’t have to mean rules and resolutions. For us, January marks the moment when we start to contemplate all of the travels we’re keen to embark on during the next 365 days. For 2014, there are a number of exciting destinations that are gaining new levels of international attention. Which will you explore? 


On Location Japan: Movies Set in Tokyo

by ClaireBullen December 2013 - last edited September

Movies Set in TokyoOn film, Tokyo is an eternally beguiling palimpsest. Some directors hone in on its neon lights and hordes of traffic, which melt watercolour-like in front of the camera. Other movies capture Tokyo as a dark and grimy warren of alleyways and offices, overpopulated and bristling with tension. But no matter how it’s transposed onto the big screen, the city operates as part-character, part-backdrop, and part-muse. Below, we’ve selected five of the most atmospheric and exotic movies set in Tokyo.


Street Eats: The Best Baozi in Shanghai

by HelenElfer November 2013 - last edited September

Street Eats | BaoziIf you’re after comfort food on one of Shanghai’s many cold and misty days, it doesn’t get much more satisfying than baozi. The king of Shanghai street eats, these delicious dumplings can be found at different venues around town.


Between Meetings: 10 Things To Do in Tokyo in an Hour

by ClaireBullen November 2013 - last edited September

10 Things To Do in TokyoThough the idea of travelling to Tokyo on business may evoke shades of Lost in Translation, short-term visitors shouldn’t feel dissuaded from exploring the Asian megalopolis.


Round the Clock Retail: Night Markets in Shanghai

by HelenElfer October 2013 - last edited February

Round the Clock Retail: Night Markets in ShanghaiShanghai loves to shop, even when the sun goes down. From Wenmiao Ghost Market to DADA's Night Market, here are a few nighttime Shanghai shopping haunts to explore...