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10 unmissable markets in Hong Kong

by ClaireBullen August - last edited September by Virgin-Atlantic

10 unmissable markets in Hong KongHong Kong is something of a shopper’s paradise…but not only for its high-end boutiques and many sprawling shopping malls. Whether you’re shopping for bamboo steamers or vintage cameras, seasonal fashion or jade pieces, these 10 markets in Hong Kong capture the sights, sounds (and even some of the smells) of this busy city.


On business in Shanghai

by Giverny June - last edited September

On Business in ShanghaiWith its futuristic skyline, high-end hotels and fantastic culinary scene, the bustling metropolis that is Shanghai has an incredible amount to offer, even if you’re only in town for a flying visit. Those lucky professionals who find themselves on business in Shanghai will discover a wealth of things to see and do between meetings, from cultural attractions to culinary delights.


Hong Kong’s best restaurants

by NatalieRobinson May - last edited October

Hong Kong’s Best Restaurants

You may think that feeding the rumbling stomachs of seven million foodies would be enough of a challenge for Hong Kong’s best restaurants, but that’s just the half of it. In a city that burns the candle at both ends and then sets fire to the middle too, hungry Hong Kongers expect to be able to sate their appetite wherever, whenever and however they choose.


10 highlights of Shanghai’s French Concession

by ClaireBullen April 2015 - last edited September

10 highlights of Shanghai’s French ConcessionFrom historic sites to pretty public parks, from the art galleries that give the neighbourhood its creative character to the trendy warrens of bars that tempt the city’s younger set, here are some of the best things to do in Shanghai’s wonderfully evocative French Concession.


Where To Try Chinese Hairy Crab in Shanghai

by CharlotteM March 2015 - last edited September

Where To Try Chinese Hairy Crab Hairy crab season comes but once a year. Every autumn, between the months of September and November, makeshift crab restaurants fashioned from old tarp, plastic stools and bamboo rods, sprout up across Shanghai. They exist to serve one dish and one dish only, the celebrated Chinese hairy crab.


Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

by NatalieRobinson January 2015 - last edited February

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong KongThe glitter's barely settled from 2016's Chinese New Year celebrations here in Hong Kong, where we welcomed in the Year of the Monkey with dragon dancers leaping through the streets and excited calls of 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' richocheting around the red and gold festooned skyscrapers. But it's never too early to get planning for the next one, and 2017's lunar festivities look to be as spectacular as ever. From the show-stopping annual parade to colourful flower markets, explosive fireworks to the legendary festival of wishes, Hong Kong certainly knows how to ring in the Chinese New Year with a bang. We've rounded up our top events in the city to make sure your Year of the Rooster gets off to a flying start...