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Herbert Nitsch: The Deepest Man On Earth

by Moderator March 2015 - last edited March 2015

Herbert NitschWorld record holder freediver, Herbert Nitsch is also called “the Deepest Man on Earth”. He received this prestigious title when he set the world record for freediving in the No Limit discipline at the incredible depth of 214 metres in 2007. He can hold his breath for more than nine minutes and has set 32 world records in all of the eight recognized disciplines – unrivalled achievements in freediving history. 


10 of the Most Inspiring Drone Travel Videos

by ClaireBullen February 2015 - last edited February 2015

Drone Travel Videos.jpgWhen they’re not delivering your parcels or your fast food, personal drones have another great use – that is, they make excellent cameramen. For proof, just have a look at these 10 inspiring drone travel videos. From the glaciers of Iceland to the spires of Hong Kong, from bustling ski resorts to the New York Public Library, drones can provide unprecedented new angles on many of the world’s most incredible places.


The Best Ryokan in Japan

by ClaireBullen September 2014 - last edited September

Best Ryokan in Japan

Japan is a beguiling mystery to many travellers: while it’s known worldwide for its hyper-modern megalopolises, the country’s traditional identity hasn’t yet been lost to modernity. Here, we go in search of the best ryokan in Japan, for a window into this nation’s unique history and heritage.


Breathtaking Li River Photos

It has long been regarded as one of China’s most scenic and grandest area of China, and it is no surprise that the winding Li River attracts thousands of visitors to its tranquil shores every year. Check out our stunning Li River photos and discover one of the most beautiful sights, just a short trip away from Hong Kong. 


Tokyo City Photos: An Instagram Gallery

by Chantelle July 2014 - last edited September

Tokyo City photos: An Instagram Gallery

As the world’s most populous metropolis city, Tokyo isn’t short of interesting sights to keep any keen tourist occupied. And who better to reveal the beauty behind the chaos of Tokyo than its very own inhabitants? Let these Tokyo city photos inspire your travels to the Japanese capital.


The Beautiful Beaches of Mumbai

by Namrata July 2014 - last edited October

The Beautiful Beaches of Mumbai

After a tour of manic Mumbai, slap on some sunscreen and restore your vital fluids at one of the secluded beaches near the city. Take a look at our selection of the best beaches of Mumbai.