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Where to stay in Lagos

by Nana a month ago - last edited a month ago

Where to stay in LagosExpansive sea views, live music, art galleries and global dining, the top hotels in Lagos offer more than just a place to rest your head. Whether you’re visiting for work, rest or play, we’ve selected the city’s top hotels to help you decide where to stay in Lagos.


On business in Lagos

by Nana May - last edited June by Virgin-Atlantic

On Business in LagosAs addictive as caffeine, Lagos is a sprawling city of bridges, creeks and rivers that link its island and mainland areas. A bursting-at-the-seams population and back history of shrewdly political, artistic and entrepreneurial characters has had an impact on the energetic rhythm of this West African metropolis. Whatever you choose to do on business in Lagos, the place will definitely leave you with a visually vibrant impression.


Navigating Nigeria’s Slave Route | The Lament of LagosNigeria’s most populous city, Lagos is both a global capital and a West African cultural hub, thanks to its electric nightlife, thriving film industry, and diverse population. But today, Lagos’s rich present stands in stark contrast to its tragic history, when it was once a primary stop on the Nigerian slave route.


Picture Perfect: Lagos Photo Festival

Over the last decade or so, Nigeria’s contemporary arts scene has had a serious growth spurt. And it seems that photography is definitely one of the mediums that’s sparking a great amount of interest both inside and beyond the African continent, with Lagos helping to further highlight Africa’s modern and visual narratives via its innovative annual Lagos Photo Festival.


Nigerian Literature: A Lagos Reading List

Nigerian literature remains a source of cultural revelation, displaying the both the complexities and the beauty of a country deeply rooted in history and adventure. Here we take a look at the both the dons and the newcomers of Nigeria's literary world, as well as the famous novels that celebrate the country within their pages.


A Film Lover's Introduction to the Best Nollywood Movies

by Nana February 2014 - last edited July 2014 by Chantelle

A Film Lover's Introduction to Nollywood MoviesLagos is famous for a lot of things – music, art, cosmopolitan dining, the legacy of afrobeat – but it’s also the centre of Nollywood, Nigeria’s powerhouse, low budget, high output, $250m a year film industry.