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10 of the Most Inspiring Drone Travel Videos

by ClaireBullen February - last edited February

Drone Travel Videos.jpgWhen they’re not delivering your parcels or your fast food, personal drones have another great use – that is, they make excellent cameramen. For proof, just have a look at these 10 inspiring drone travel videos. From the glaciers of Iceland to the spires of Hong Kong, from bustling ski resorts to the New York Public Library, drones can provide unprecedented new angles on many of the world’s most incredible places.


Beyond Boston: A Salem Witch Tour

by ClaireBullen December - last edited September

 A Salem Witch TourMost people know the Salem Witch Trials best through Arthur Miller’s classic play, The Crucible – but go on a Salem witch tour, and you’ll quickly discover that those chilling events weren’t fictional.


Snow Country: Winter Activities in Vermont

by Cheryl November 2014 - last edited September

Winter activities in Vermont

Vermont is the ultimate winter destination, located just a few hours from Boston. Whether you’re skiing the slopes or strolling one of the state’s 100 covered bridges with a cup of hot cocoa, there are lots of great winter activities in Vermont to keep you occupied.


The Historical Splendour of the Newport Mansions

by Cheryl October 2014 - last edited September

The historical splendour of the Newport Mansions

With spectacular coastal scenery, awe-inspiring architecture and a thriving waterfront, the Rhode Island village of Newport is a perfect little getaway, just an hour from Boston. With 11 stunning historical properties situated within the area, the Newport Mansions remain a star attraction for those seeking to discover over 250 years worth of remarkable American history.


Beyond Boston: A Martha's Vineyard Guide

by Cheryl July 2014 - last edited September

Edgar Harbor Light House | Martha's Vineyard Guide

Fancy spending your summer holidays in New England? A tiny island off Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is big on personality, with plenty of beautiful natural scenery and seaside fun to enjoy. Take a look at our Martha’s Vineyard guide for the best things to do on the island.


A Gourmet's Guide to Lobster Season in Maine

by Cheryl June 2014 - last edited September

A Gourmet's Guide to Lobster Season in Maine

To many people, it just isn’t summer without cracking a few lobsters in the Maine sunshine. With a year-round lobster industry that’s centuries old and 6,000-plus lobstermen, Maine is home to some serious lobster love. Here are a few of the best ways to enjoy Lobster season in Maine.