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Our Favourite Lagos Films

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited October

Lagos Films

Nigeria's largest city, Lagos is a densely populated hub of activity from dawn until dusk. We love its jam-packed markets, restaurants and bars and its incredible live music scene. Take a tour of the city with our hand picked selection of Lagos videos.

“The Eyo Festival - Lagos” by Jeremy Weate

Whenever a particularly celebrated Lagosian dies the city holds a special festival for them called an Eyo Festival. With singing, dancing and drumming we love this tradition – captured in full swing by Jeremy Weate in this video.

“Okada Ride in Lagos” by Bantucrew

This fast-paced, if slightly bumpy, video filmed from the back of a motorbike (or Okada) offers a great fly-by view of Lagos as driver and cameraman speed through the city.

“Cement Factory - Lagos, Nigeria” by Pedro Tarrago

This video follows the workers at a Lagos cement factory as they go about the daily grind. A great insight into industry in the city we love that this video shows an alternative side to life in Lagos.

“Somewhere in Lagos” by Intense Studios

This promotional video for Lagos hotel Golden Tulip shows just how glamorous life can be here. Cocktails by the pool and delicious dinners a deux…we could get used to that.

“Teaser Nigeria” by Fabien Chauvier

Fabien Chauvier’s video is a particular favourite of ours. Stylish, fun and with a great range of local scenes, this film is indeed a top city teaser…

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