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Up and Away: Our Second Airbus A330 Takes Flight

by andrew April 2011 - last edited February 2013

Just a month since our Beauty Queen took to the sky, our second brand new Airbus A330 is set to fly her first group of holidaymakers to Orlando this weekend. Tomorrow (May 1st) the gorgeous Mademoiselle Rouge will be the first of the new aircraft to make its inaugural flight from London Gatwick.

Like Beauty Queen, who flew her inaugural from Manchester on April 2nd, Mademoiselle Rouge is part of a $2.2 billion fleet of 10 planes being introduced over the next two years. The Airbus 330s are the most efficient aircraft in their class and use 15% less fuel per seat than our current A340-300s, helping us deliver our commitment to flying a lower carbon fleet.

Best of all for passengers, the new planes all feature a revolutionary new in-flight entertainment system made by Panasonic.  This new cutting edge system uses the latest touch-screen technology allowing passengers to scroll and swipe through over 300 hours of content quickly and easily.

If you're not flying with us this weekend, but want a peek inside these fantastic new planes, check out our photo-post on Beauty Queen.

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