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Introducing Our Best Ever Upper Class Meal Service

by Moderator February 2012 - last edited January 2013 by Moderator

On 1 March, Virgin Atlantic will start serving a brand new Upper Class meal experience, the result of two years extensive research, design and on board trialling.

At the heart of everything we’ve been doing was the desire to create something that was always in tune with your body clock, no matter when and where you’re flying with us. We’ve put a huge amount of thought and energy into perfecting a new meal experience that we think you’re really going to love.

If you’ve travelled with us in Upper Class since November 2011, you’ll have noticed a few changes already, including new crockery and cutlery. This was just the beginning.

On boarding the plane, the first thing you’ll notice is your preflight glass of Lanson Champagne or Bucks Fizz has been given a make over. With our fabulous champagne coupe glass, we’ve created a new Virgin Atlantic icon from an old favourite. Made famous in the golden age of Hollywood, it's the perfect way to toast the journey ahead.


Your pre-flight glass of Lanson Champagne

Your pre-flight glass of Lanson Champagne


The new Upper Class menu is the best way to discover exactly what we’ve got in store for you during your flight. You’ll find your menu on your ottoman when you board, or our crew will hand it to you when they come round to introduce themselves once we’ve taken off.

Then it’s time for the pre-dinner drinks service, with all your old favourites served in our brand new glassware. Plus there’s a new choice - our regularly changing signature cocktail. We’ve always been famous for our cocktails, and now you can enjoy our special selection onboard too.


Enjoy our special cocktail selection onboard

Enjoy our special cocktail selection onboard


The meal service boasts a number of new features including a modern table setting using designer linen and elegant, specially designed crockery and cutlery. You’ll also find a special, new addition to your table setting. We’ve waved goodbye to our Wilbur and Orville salt and pepper shakers and created a brand new Virgin Atlantic icon, our mini cocktail shaker. It snaps in half to form individual salt and pepper pots, and we now use crushed peppercorns instead of finely ground pepper.


Our new salt and pepper mini cocktail shaker

Our new salt and pepper mini cocktail shaker


When we start serving your meal, you’ll notice the quality of our food has been enhanced using a delicious, improved selection of produce. There are also a few special surprises, but we’re going to save those until you get onboard.

We’ve replaced the Freedom menu with our new Graze menu, available on selected flights. If you’re not really in the mood for a full meal, the Graze menu offers a choice of delicious snacks you can order to your seat whenever you like.


Order delicious snacks to your seat

Order delicious snacks to your seat


On our shorter night flights from destinations like New York and Boston, you’ve probably already dined in our Clubhouse and would rather focus on sleep. Our specially created express or supper menus still offer a delicious selection of food to enjoy on board, with faster service so you can really maximise your sleep time.

If you’re travelling with us on a day flight, like our London Heathrow to West Coast USA services, after dessert, you’ll enjoy a visit from our fabulous new cheese trolley. Choose from a delicious selection of cheese, biscuits, fruit and chutneys, and wash them down with a glass of port. On shorter nighttime services, you can still enjoy a specially prepared cheese plate instead of dessert.


Enjoy a specially prepared cheese plate

Enjoy a specially prepared cheese plate


On flights where we serve afternoon tea, the new afternoon tea trolley is our pièce de résistance, and it really is a sight to behold. We’ve brought a truly British tradition on board, complete with finger sandwiches, a delicious selection of cakes, and scones with jam and clotted cream. We’ll fill your very own stylish mini cake stand with whatever you choose, served with fresh cafetiere coffee or a selection of fine teas.


The new afternoon tea trolley

The new afternoon tea trolley


If you’re on a flight where we offer a Full English Breakfast, this is now completely customisable, so we’ll make your breakfast to your requirements. And because of the way it’s prepared, we can now offer completely meat free Vegetarian English Breakfasts too.

On certain flights where sleep is a priority, we now offer an Express Breakfast. If you’re an early riser, there’s a tasty selection of cereals, bagels and bacon sandwiches. If you’d prefer to sleep in, we’ll offer you a choice of cold items that you can enjoy right up until we land.

Our Graze menu, the cheese and port trolley, afternoon tea trolley, Full English Breakfast and our Express Breakfast options are only available on selected flights. Depending on the time of day and length of your flight, you’ll be offered afternoon tea, breakfast, express breakfast or our Graze menu as a second meal before we land. The best way to discover exactly which services are available on your flight is in your Upper Class menu.


To book a flight with Virgin Atlantic, visit www.virginatlantic.com

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airlinetrendsc April 2012
onboard bar Virgin Atlantic earlier this year also introduced a new Upper Class menu, which includes a customizable English breakfast, a cheese trolley service on daytime flights, as
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VirginAtlantic9 April 2012
Atlantic earlier this year also introduced a new Upper Class menu, which includes a customizable English breakfast, a cheese trolley service on daytime flights, as
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Gareth May 2012
This is the kind of society the modern world has become, People are not willing to take responsibility for themselves anymore, why should Virgin Atlantic supply you with emergency carbs ?

Your husband has a long term chronic medical problem, which if well managed doesn't pose a problem to everyday life. Your husband (if he takes responsibility for his own condition) will know how much food he requires to mantain his blood sugar levels and I would have thought that anyone that lives with diabetes would have the common sense to bring extra food/dextrose tablets etc for a long haul flight. You paid virgin atlantic for an economy service and that is what you received, incidentally, Virgin do differentiate between the have and the have nots.... those that have decided to pay a premium fare to receive premium service and those who have not!

How would it be fare to provide extra food to one passenger in economy and not another.

After flying over a million miles I am yet to see an airline that

keeps a stash of emergency food for diabetic people who seemingly are unable to manage their condition.

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