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The Twin Cities: A St. Paul guide

Calling St. Paul and Minneapolis the Twin Cities is a bit of a misnomer, unless you’re talking about fraternal twins. Ask locals about the rivalry and you’re likely to get an earful: There are even self-proclaimed “St. Paul People” and “Minneapolis People.” The capital city, … Continue reading

Boundary Waters Wilderness: A Weekend on the Water

  The Boundary Waters Wilderness (or Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, in full) is best described in terms that end in -est: Home not only to the oldest rock formation (2.7 million years old), but also the highest point in Minnesota (Eagle Mountain, at 2,301 … Continue reading

Minnesota Ice Fishing: The Other North Pole

Bitter cold and blowing snow – even this year’s Polar Vortex, which was defined as a “cold hurricane” of sorts, according to meteorologists – won’t keep Minnesotans inside. And they won’t give up their water: With 15,000-plus lakes, events take place all over on top … Continue reading

Minneapolis Neighbourhood Guide: Things to do in North Loop

    The response to the North Loop neighbourhood in Minneapolis has been extraordinary. Over the last year, the neighbourhood’s development has exploded, thanks to independent retailers and restaurateurs and an abundance of chic, rehabbed warehouse-style buildings. The eclecticism of things to do in North … Continue reading

Scandinavian Minnesota: The Best Nordic Restaurants in Minneapolis

Minnesotans have long been punchlines to jokes involving lutefisk and lefse. But Nordic dining is back in style””and Minnesota’s got the best street cred in the country. There are a variety of Scandinavian Minnesota restaurants offering fresh, clean, hardworking dishes that are super-satisfying and sophisticated … Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Minneapolis

Garrison Keillor satirised Minnesota through his bestselling Prairie Home Companion describing it as the place where “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” It gets a laugh, but as with all good satire, there’s a … Continue reading