About Cheryl Fenton

A Boston native, Cheryl Fenton is no stranger to the goings on and hot spots of her favorite city. Throughout her 15-year freelance career in dining, fashion, beauty and travel, Cheryl has covered it all for local magazines and websites including Stuff, The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, mysecretboston.com and Boston Common. You can also find her national bylines in glossies such as Glamour, Cooking Light, and Wallpaper. In her spare time, what little there is, Cheryl strolls the city with coffee in hand, always looking for what’s next on the agenda.

The best speakeasy bars in Boston

Even though American Prohibition hasn’t been around since 1933 (thank you, 21st Constitutional Amendment), the forbidden intrigue of alcohol still holds a certain allure, even if it’s not actually illegal anymore. Once defining the unlawful underground bars that cropped up during America’s dry days, today’s … Continue reading

Snow Country: Winter Activities in Vermont

From snow flurries to stormy weather, flakes galore await those heading to New England for the winter season. Vermont is the ultimate winter destination with “a world away” feel, located just a few hours from Boston. Whether you’re skiing the slopes or strolling one of the … Continue reading

The Historical Splendour of the Newport Mansions

With spectacular coastal scenery, awe-inspiring architecture and a thriving waterfront, the Rhode Island village of Newport is a perfect little getaway, just an hour from Boston. With 11 stunning historical properties situated within the area, the Newport Mansions remain a star attraction for those seeking to discover … Continue reading

Beyond Boston: A Martha’s Vineyard Guide

Fancy spending your summer holidays in New England? A tiny island off Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is big on personality, with beautiful natural scenery and seaside fun to enjoy. Surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, and with more than one-third of its total land … Continue reading

Things to do in the Berkshires: Boston’s Ultimate Hideaway Haven

More than a century ago, The Berkshires were known as a warm weather haven for elite, wealthy Bostonians and New Yorkers who just “had to get away.” The rolling hills of the most western county of Massachusetts were peppered with summer cottages so huge they’d … Continue reading