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Earn Miles With Summer Holiday Must-Haves

by rebecca-heptins August 2011 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

It’s that time of year again, when thoughts of lounging away the days on a white sandy beach come to mind, gazing out to sea with nothing to worry about other than when is an acceptable hour to treat yourself to a cocktail (we say it’s never too early).

So we've put our heads together and come up with our pick of summer holiday essentials to ensure you’re left tanned and relaxed rather than red-faced for all the wrong reasons. And did you know that if you’re a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club member you can earn miles simply by shopping online with all your favourite brands, including House of Fraser, Net-A-Porter and John Lewis to name but a few?

With that in mind, here's the cream of our holiday must-haves… and if you’re not already a Flying Club member, you can sign up for free today.


Lovely Luggage

Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper

Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper


It’s time to discard that dusty old suitcase you’ve been dragging around for years and treat yourself to a brand new piece of luggage. Now, we are by no means the bag police but we do believe that nothing says sophisticated style quite like British brand Mulberry.

This large Scotchgrain Clipper is an investment worth its weight in gold, as one of their timeless pieces will last you a lifetime. And with 2 miles earned for every pound spent at Selfridges, you can start planning your next getaway the moment you touch down.


Bootylicious Beachwear

Heidi Klein Marrakech Swimsuit

Heidi Klein Marrakech Swimsuit


Next up, beachwear and with a gorgeous range of one and two-pieces from Heidi Klein, it’s difficult not to convince yourself you need at least five bikinis. Our favourite by a Caribbean beach-mile is this gorgeous Marrakech swimsuit, guaranteed to show off your tan to its ultimate best. With a not-too-high leg and flattering halter-neck, you can sunbathe in peace; safe in the knowledge you’re making the best of your best bits.
Coral Sky Vilbrequins

Coral Sky Vilbrequins


We also love these Coral Sky Vilebrequins for men, not just for the snazzy sea-life pattern but because the colours compliment the above swimsuit perfectly, and it’s all about being colour co-ordinated, right girls?And with a whopping 6 miles earned for every pound spent at Heidi Klein, there’s never been a better reason to splash the cash.


Good Deed Shoes

TOMS shoes

TOMS shoes


If you want your feet to look and feel good whilst doing your bit for charity, then take a look at this year’s hero brand TOMS. For every pair of shoes you buy, they'll give another to a child in need, and you'll also earn 5 miles for every pound you spend. A modern take on the espadrille, they have soft-padded leather insoles making them considerably more comfortable than their scratchy predecessors. This Virgin red pair is our pick for him or her.


Clever Kindle




No. 5 on our list is the revolutionary and lightweight Kindle. Not only does it save you from carrying loads of books around while travelling, it has an anti-glare screen and a battery that lasts for up to two months, so it's an ideal choice for a long, lazy day on the beach in direct sunlight. And if you’re not sure which literary delights to absorb yourself in first, then check out our Favourite Summer Holiday Reads.
Just think, if you bought this Amazon Kindle with WiFi and 3G through Currys, you would earn 150 miles, getting you one 28th of the way to Barbados. As the saying goes, take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves… it’s exactly the same with miles!


So there you have it, our top holiday essentials. Do you agree? Let us know - we’d love to hear what must-have items you absolutely can’t travel without.

Visit our Flying Club pages for more information on where to shop online and ways of earning extra miles, and sign up to become a member of our seriously rewarding loyalty programme today.

Many thanks to Flickr photographer Tiarescott for the great header shot.


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