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vtravelled Weekly Round-Up: w/c 7th March

by andrew March 2011 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

This week's run-down finds us back in the urban environment, tracking down unique attractions and distractions for the curious traveller...

An offer you can't refuse

Last week we were Grand Canyon-bound in our Best Side-Trips from Las Vegas and now we're returning to the dark heart of Sin City. And they don't call it that for nothing as two brand new mob-themed museums exploring the underbelly of Vegas prove. If you're into the bizarre, The Mob Museum is just one of the places featured in our World's Quirkiest Museums round-up.

Alternative Florida

Sticking with grown-up themes, not long ago we went bar hopping with our Orlando For Adults guide and this week we stumbled across another great guide to the city beyond Disney. From wakeboarding to canal cruising The New York Times’ 36 Hours In Orlando is a culture and action-packed weekend alternative itinerary that doesn’t involve Mickey,  The accompanying photo gallery makes it extra tempting too.

Harbour City Highlights

Our other recent Bar Guide took us to Sydney where we also looked at the city's line-up of Awesome Autumn Events. But what if you're hungry and you’ve spent all your money on drinking and merry-making? Check out the Five Best Places to Eat on a Budget in Sydney.

Bean Town's Best

In the original home of American culture, there's always plenty to occupy the visitor. If you can't make up your mind though, Todd's Wanderings sums up the best of the city with 5 Unique Things to do in Boston. We love a good list and the photos are great too.

Unusual Urban Arts

And if unique is what you're after, New York can always provide. Coming to Brooklyn this summer, Dekalb Market is "a new community destination" connecting "Makers, Artists, Farmers and Chefs" all housed in repurposed shipping containers. Wow.

On a much, much smaller scale, London's Andipa Gallery is currently hosting a an exhibition by urban artist Slinkachu, who for the first time is bringing his fascinating micro installations in off the street.

And if you are in London and have a sweet tooth, check out London's Best Crepes and Pancakes, they're not just for Fat Tuesday, you know.

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March 2011
I'm a huge fan of New York but the more I hear about Boston, the more I love the sound of it. You had me at Lobster and Beer in that link!
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March 2011
Go! - Boston is a fab, welcoming, walkable city. I love it :)
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