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vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 21st March

by andrew March 2011 - last edited April 2014 by Moderator

More inspirational tips, pics and clips from our worldwide (web) travels this week…


Everywhere right here

This week we've not left our desks, but we have been all over the place: sipping margaritas in our Barfly's Guide To San Francisco, and seeking out weird wildlife in Australia


Wild and fresh California

Last week we found this great link to California springtime activities, which could come in very handy if you're there or Cali-bound any time soon. What if you want info on the go though? As with everything these days, there's an app (or several) for that. This LA Times piece has a great selection of practical Phones apps for Exploring Californial - hiking trails, museums, wining & dining guides and more.


As we've covered before, California is of course also home to some of America's best National Parks and any trip to LA or San Francisco is best balanced with a wander in the wilderness. Well, now would be the time to take in the great outdoors as National Park Week is set to begin on April 16th.

You may even be able to soak up that fresh and healthy Cali vibe as soon as you touch down with the bizarre but welcome addition of a farmer’s market at LAX.


Unseen UK

Hopping back home to the UK, we never cease to be amazed at finding new things right on our doorstep. We've seen a lot of London and used a lot of public transport but we've never pictured the city quite like this:


Public Transport flows, London from Joan Serras on Vimeo.

And no matter how well you know a place, you can never get enough pointers. Another new one on us, Independent Traveller has a great tip here for some free comedy in the capital.


In Britain you can never get really enough tea either. Having already featured some of the finest places for traditional Afternoon Tea in London, we just stumbled on this great round-up of "alternative" UK tea rooms. These look lovely.


Get busy in the Big Apple

We may be more than tempted by the openness of California's rugged landscapes, but spring can be and adventure in the city too - especially in NY. If you’re planning a visit anytime soon, check out Time Out's whopping list of 101 Things to do in NY in Spring.


Don't forget to look up either. We already featured eccentric architect Frank Gehry's latest work a while back, but these latest pictures of the city’s newest skyscraper are something else.


Hong Kong hustle and bustle

Finally, continuing with the eye-candy theme, the New York Times always have great image slide shows the sum up the spirit of a place. Here’s 36 Hours in Hong Kong.

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