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The Toronto International Film Festival 2014

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The Toronto Film Festival 2014

The Toronto International Film Festival is the city’s yearly retreat into all things Hollywood. During the 11-day foray into the latest and greatest in the world of film, Toronto teems with celebrities, directors, industry mavens, and ever-enthusiastic film lovers who descend upon Canada’s largest city for this incredibly influential festival. Here, we give you a leg-up on other festival-goers as we highlight some of the best spots to stay, eat and party like an A-Lister.


Exploring Ontario's Haliburton Forest Reserve

Torontonians refer to the Haliburton Highlands as ‘cottage country’. Nine-to-fivers leave work early on Fridays and flee 220 kilometres north of the city, where they find rolling hills, 600-plus lakes, and rugged forests. Take a look at our guide to the Haliburton Forest Reserve for the perfect weekend away.


Airport Restaurants: The Best From Around The World

In little more than a month, Heston Blumenthal will light up London’s new Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. His ambitious bid to offer exquisite, Michelin standard food at lightening speed is sure to be tested when the restaurant opens for business. But Heston isn’t the only top chef to take on the terminals. Here are a few of the best airport restaurants to book on your next trip.


Essential Summer Guide to MuskokaWhat do Goldie Hawn, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Bill Murray have in common? They all have holiday homes in Muskoka, Ontario. Often called Toronto’s Hamptons, this region has been the pristine playground of the rich and famous since the end of the 19th century. Take a look at our essential guide to summer in Muskoka to join the A-listers on holiday.


What to Eat in Toronto | The Best Fusion Food in Canada"Good food makes us happy," states Susur Lee, Toronto's superstar chef. Lee's imaginative cuisine, blending Chinese flavours with French technique, was at the forefront of a new wave of fusion cuisine that’s now become entrenched in Toronto's culinary scene. Here are a few of the city's top fusion spots.


A Hockey Lover's Guide to Toronto

by ClaireBullen January - last edited a month ago

A Hockey Lover's Guide to TorontoGiven the region’s notoriously chilly climate, it should come as no surprise that Toronto is a city made for ice hockey. On particularly chilly winter days, amateur skaters can be spotted gliding across the frozen-over edges of Lake Ontario. And professional hockey? Let’s just say that it’s a hugely popular local pastime.