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10 Things To Do in TokyoThough the idea of travelling to Tokyo on business may evoke shades of Lost in Translation, short-term visitors shouldn’t feel dissuaded from exploring the Asian megalopolis.


Tokyo’s Most Luxurious Japanese Spas

by ClaireBullen October - last edited a month ago by Chantelle

Japanese SpasAs the world’s largest urban area, Tokyo is manifestly chaotic. The sprawling city is a complex tangle of districts; its streets a riot of colour and crowds. Amongst all this, it's hard to believe you can snatch a moment of relaxation, but the truth is Tokyo is home to some of the country's finest and most tranquil Japanese spas. We've picked our favourites to share with you.


Whisky Tasting Tour of Tokyo | JapanThese days Tokyo is more than just a destination for sake lovers. The last decade has seen the flourishing of a community of Tokyo whisky connoisseurs, with Japanese single malts now a top choice of drink in the capital.


Dishes to Die for: A Taste of Tokyo

by Community Manager March 2013 - last edited a week ago

Warabimochi_header©Charles_Haynes.jpgIt’s undeniable, and perhaps unsurprising for the largest city in the world, that Tokyo is a utopia for food-lovers. The capital of Japan has been awarded more Michelin stars than any other city, by far, and its street food is simply incredible.


Christmas Illuminations in our Cities Around the World

by Moderator February 2013 - last edited March 2013

Sydney Christmas light projections by Rmonty119.jpg

Jetting off for Christmas? We've tracked down some of the best festive illuminations and twinkling light displays on offer in our cities around the globe...


Meet the Locals in these Must-See Tokyo Videos

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited February 2013

Must-See Tokyo Videos

Life in this sprawling metropolis moves at quite a pace with new restaurants and bars opening up on a daily basis across the city. People work and play hard here meaning there’s always something exciting to sink your teeth into.  Take a trip around town and meet some of the locals with our five favourite Tokyo videos.