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2014 Preview: The Best Events in Top Virgin Atlantic Cities

by Moderator January 2014 - last edited January 2014

Cherry blossom festival © Yoshikazu Takada.jpg

Now we're well and truly into the new year, we've got our sights set on some of 2014's hottest global happenings – and it's shaping up to be a memorable twelve months.


On Location Japan: Movies Set in Tokyo

by ClaireBullen December 2013 - last edited September

Movies Set in TokyoOn film, Tokyo is an eternally beguiling palimpsest. Some directors hone in on its neon lights and hordes of traffic, which melt watercolour-like in front of the camera. Other movies capture Tokyo as a dark and grimy warren of alleyways and offices, overpopulated and bristling with tension. But no matter how it’s transposed onto the big screen, the city operates as part-character, part-backdrop, and part-muse. Below, we’ve selected five of the most atmospheric and exotic movies set in Tokyo.


Fly to the Movies with Virgin Atlantic

by Moderator November 2013 - last edited October

Hollywood Los Angeles © aepg.jpg

Are you flying with us during November and December? If so, we’ve got another sparkling line-up of inflight entertainment planned – including a winning selection of movies that will make you want to pack your suitcase and take to the skies...


Between Meetings: 10 Things To Do in Tokyo in an Hour

by ClaireBullen November 2013 - last edited September

10 Things To Do in TokyoThough the idea of travelling to Tokyo on business may evoke shades of Lost in Translation, short-term visitors shouldn’t feel dissuaded from exploring the Asian megalopolis.


Tokyo’s Most Luxurious Japanese Spas

by ClaireBullen October 2013 - last edited September

Japanese SpasAs the world’s largest urban area, Tokyo is manifestly chaotic. The sprawling city is a complex tangle of districts; its streets a riot of colour and crowds. Amongst all this, it's hard to believe you can snatch a moment of relaxation, but the truth is Tokyo is home to some of the country's finest and most tranquil Japanese spas. We've picked our favourites to share with you.


Whisky Tasting Tour of Tokyo | JapanThese days Tokyo is more than just a destination for sake lovers. The last decade has seen the flourishing of a community of Tokyo whisky connoisseurs, with Japanese single malts now a top choice of drink in the capital.