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A Martinique Guide: The French St. Lucia

Imagine a place where Parisian chic and the wines and gastronomy of Burgundy are blessed by powdery palm-shaded beaches and sun-soaked skies. Fusing exquisite French influences with a rich Creole history, lush tropical blooms and a blissful climate, take a look at our quick guide to Martinique for a taste of something a little different.


The Greatest Swimming Pools in the World

by Chantelle August - last edited August by Moderator

The Greatest Swimming Pools in the world

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Michael Phelps or can only muster a poor excuse for a doggy paddle, these world class pools – complete with spectacular views, high-spec features and insanely beautiful surrounds will make you want to throw on your swimsuit and dive right in. Take a peak at some of the greatest swimming pools in the world, for the ultimate aquatic bucket list.


The Caribbean by boat: How to Charter Your Own Yacht

The idea of chartering your own private yacht, and setting sail across the Caribbean Sea is an alluring idea that most of us can only dream of. But for those who are up for the adventure, planning a trip and chartering your own yacht isn’t as complicated as you might think. Before you rush off to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when discovering the Caribbean by boat.


Easter Holidays Inspiration: What Hidden Treats Will You Find?

by Moderator February 2014 - last edited February 2014

Sugar Beach crop © Maxine Sheppard.jpg

For many of us, Easter can't come soon enough this year – a chance for some well-deserved time off, and hopefully the long-awaited start of spring. If you're taking the opportunity to make a break for the sun, we've got the lowdown on the some of the best things to do in our hottest destinations.


Must Visit Caribbean Fitness Bootcamps

by SarahWoods February 2014 - last edited July by Chantelle

The Caribbean's Best Fitness Bootcamps

As the trend for new-breed body-changing fitness bootcamps continues to gain global momentum, we take a look at the best the Caribbean has to offer.