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Paris of the East: Short Films of Shanghai

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited February 2013

Our Inspirational Shanghai Videos

With its towering cityscape and sprawling urban scenery, Shanghai is one of our top choices when it comes to photogenic cities. Dynamic, fast-paced and incredibly modern, we’ve fallen for Shanghai’s charms in a very big way – just take a look at our favourite films to find out what all the fuss is about.


Once in a Lifetime: Spectacular Shanghai Experiences

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited April 2013 by Moderator

Once in a Lifetime: Shanghai

The largest city in the world never disappoints us, especially when it comes to its unforgettable sights, sounds and activities – all of them the epitome of “larger than life’. The memories of these experiences in Shanghai will last a lifetime.


Tips from 35,000 Feet: The Shanghai Spots We Love

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited February 2013

Tips from 35,000 Feet: Shanghai

Whenever we touch down in Shanghai, our first stop is almost always for a meal at Lost Heaven. Not only is it one of the few restaurants in the city to have the food of China’s southerly Yunnan Province on its menu, but it’s also the real deal. 


Shanghai: Where to Shop in Style

by Moderator June 2012 - last edited February 2013 by Community Manager

Fancy a browse? We're shining a spotlight on Shanghai's thriving shopping scene to unearth the best boutiques, independent designers and one of a kind finds...


Shanghai: Where To Sleep In Style

by Moderator May 2012 - last edited April 2013

As one of the world's foremost business hubs, we fly thousands of people to Shanghai every year. With an overwhelming choice of places to stay, here's some of our faves...


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Shanghai

by Moderator January 2012 - last edited November by Community Manager

A visit to Shanghai in time for Chinese New Year 2012 promises to be extra special as China will enter its most auspicious lunar year: the year of the dragon...