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Why You Need to Walk the John Muir Way

by AnnaMillar April 2014 - last edited July by Moderator

Exploring The Great Scottish Outdoors | The John Muir WayWhen it comes to indulging our wanderlust, a lack of time and opportunity can leave some roads woefully untraveled. Not so with Scotland’s rightly popular John Muir Way, named after the visionary Scots-born conservationist. 


Whale Watching in Scotland

by AnnaMillar March 2014 - last edited July by Moderator

Whale Watching in ScotlandFrom killer whales in Norway to grey whales basking along the coast of Alaska, the world’s waters boast some incredible spots for whale watching enthusiasts, and Scotland is an equally glorious go-to for those who like their marine mammals big and beautiful. 


Aberdeen WildlifeAnyone who caught Disney Pixar’s Brave will understand why filmmakers used much of the Highlands of Scotland as a blueprint for their mystical setting. Off-screen, the northeast landscape, in and around Aberdeen, offers just as much inspiration for those seeking out real life Aberdeen wildlife and adventure.


Have Yourself A Little Red Christmas in Scotland

by Moderator November 2013 - last edited July

Edinburgh Christmas Lights © photojenni on Flickr.jpg

The Scots certainly know a thing or too about throwing a good celebration, so make sure you book up your Virgin Atlantic Little Red flights in good time this season, and ensure you don't miss out on all the festive events north of the border...


Hole in One: The Best Aberdeen Golf Courses

by AnnaMillar October 2013 - last edited July by Moderator

 Aberdeen Golf Courses | Hole in OneWhether it’s the world’s pro players competing in the Scottish Open, or visitors simply enjoying some pitch and putt on one of the country’s most famous links, Aberdeen golf courses are among the best in the world.


Scotland | Weisdale Vow on Mainland ShetlandWith so many great islands to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. But with regular flights and ferries, it’s never been easier to play Scottish explorer and island hop betweeen some of the region's most remote corners.