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The 68th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival kicks off next week and we're thrilled to be the Official Airline Partner for the event. Find out more and enter our competition to win tickets to an exciting film screening.


A Nature Lover's Guide to Wild Camping in Scotland

Wild camping was once a bit like Fight Club. You did it; you just didn’t talk about it, less the joy of venturing into the wild became somehow sullied by an over exposure to the masses. Hope of the wild camping practice staying under the radar may be largely spent, but the possibilities for a truly unique experience, remain as thrilling as ever. Take a look at our guide to wild camping in Scotland for some of the most scenic spots to sleep al fresco.


Wild Swimming in Scotland

by AnnaMillar April - last edited April

Wild Swimming Scotland

Plunging the depths of Scotland’s chilly natural waters isn’t top of the average to-do list. But it should be. Tropical in climate it is not, but that doesn’t stop young and old jumping, diving, or slipping in and experiencing some of Scotland’s most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, lochs and seas.


Exploring The Great Scottish Outdoors | The John Muir WayWhen it comes to indulging our wanderlust, a lack of time and opportunity can leave some roads woefully untraveled. Not so with Scotland’s rightly popular John Muir Way, named after the visionary Scots-born conservationist. 


Whale Watching in Scotland

by AnnaMillar March - last edited 4 weeks ago by Chantelle

Whale Watching in ScotlandFrom killer whales in Norway to grey whales basking along the coast of Alaska, the world’s waters boast some incredible spots for whale watching enthusiasts, and Scotland is an equally glorious go-to for those who like their marine mammals big and beautiful. 


Aberdeen WildlifeAnyone who caught Disney Pixar’s Brave will understand why filmmakers used much of the Highlands of Scotland as a blueprint for their mystical setting. Off-screen, the northeast landscape, in and around Aberdeen, offers just as much inspiration for those seeking out real life Aberdeen wildlife and adventure.