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Hotel de Glace: Quebec City Ice Hotel

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The Quebec City Ice HotelDrinks on ice, definitely. But sleeping on ice? That's hard to fathom. Yet despite preconceptions, over 48,000 visitors have done just that at the Quebec City Ice Hotel.


Chemin du Roy from Quebec to Montreal

Fun-loving and cosmopolitan, Montreal is Quebec's largest city and the second biggest francophone population in the world. 250 kilometres to the east lies Quebec City, the province's cultural and romantic capital. Both cities are celebrated for their festival atmosphere, history, artistic flare, and good food. To get from Quebec City to Montreal, take a drive down the historic Chemin du Roy.


Discover Quebec City: Beyond the Walls

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Discover Quebec City | Rue St.Louis

Few tourists stray from the heart of Vieux-Quebec, and why should they? The narrow cobbled streets of the 400-year-old walled city reveal historic architecture, fine dining, museums and even a battlefield. But there is always something to be said for getting off the main tourist track, and Quebec City is no exception.


Winter Activities in Quebec City

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Winter Activities in Quebec CityThe French settlers who made it through their first winter in New France more than 400 years ago – and only nine out of 28 did —were tough. Today, Quebecers still don’t let the cold stop them from getting outside. Wrap up warm and enjoy some of these classic Quebec City winter activities.


Escaping the City | Things to Do Around Quebec CityThe number one comment you’ll hear from visitors about Quebec City is how European it feels. But unlike Europe, visitors can access a vast glacially-sculpted Canadian wilderness in way less time than it takes most city folks to commute to work. 


La Vielle Capitale | A Beginner's Guide to Quebec CityVieux-Quebec is what first attracts visitors to the much-loved capital city of Canada's French-speaking province. The 400-year-old fortressed heritage district is as romantic as they come with beautifully preserved architecture, historic fortifications and a tangle of cobble-stoned lanes brimming with galleries, artist studios, boutiques, restaurants and museums.Take a look at our beginner’s guide to Quebec City for the inside track on what to see while you’re in town.