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Florida Wreck Dives

Wreck divers look for certain elements when choosing a site: schematics; variety of depths; water temperatures and conditions; and, of course, the wreck wildlife. In short, no one wants a boring dive. As the second largest artificial dive site in the world, the U.S.N.S. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg is one of Florida's best wreck dives to explore. 


The Toronto International Film Festival 2014

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The Toronto Film Festival 2014

The Toronto International Film Festival is the city’s yearly retreat into all things Hollywood. During the 11-day foray into the latest and greatest in the world of film, Toronto teems with celebrities, directors, industry mavens, and ever-enthusiastic film lovers who descend upon Canada’s largest city for this incredibly influential festival. Here, we give you a leg-up on other festival-goers as we highlight some of the best spots to stay, eat and party like an A-Lister.


Miami South Beach Food Tours

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Miami's South Beach district – or SoBe if you're the abbreviating type, is a neighbourhood of culinary delights that draws inspiration from a range of cultures far and wide. Whether you're a serious foodie or just fancy igniting your taste buds with something different, Florida's 'Magic City' has earned a reputation as the place to be for inspired cuisine.


Hiking and Camping at Great Sand Dunes National Park

As the name of its main mountain range suggests, Colorado is known for its rocky, intimidating landscape. As a result, the State attracts adventure seekers from all over the world, hell-bent on tackling the terrain. This is exactly the type of imagery that makes the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado so interesting, the fact that it is unlike anything else found in the State. Take a look at our guide to hiking and camping at Great Sand Dunes National Park and unleash your inner explorer.


The Best Restaurants on Vancouver Island

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The Best Restaurants on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, a 90-minute ferry ride from the city of Vancouver, is two-thirds the size of the UK but boasts a diverse landscape that ranges from mountains to beaches to rainforest, and locavore restaurants that span everything from food trucks to fine dining. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants on Vancouver Island to inspire your next culinary adventure.


The Greatest Swimming Pools in the World

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The Greatest Swimming Pools in the world

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Michael Phelps or can only muster a poor excuse for a doggy paddle, these world class pools – complete with spectacular views, high-spec features and insanely beautiful surrounds will make you want to throw on your swimsuit and dive right in. Take a peak at some of the greatest swimming pools in the world, for the ultimate aquatic bucket list.