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Vegas Reborn | North Strip and Downtown Las VegasFirst things first: no, Las Vegas doesn’t begin and end with its infamous Strip. Enticing, casino-packed, and neon-lit as it may be, the Strip is only one part of this city’s urban buzz. And for those looking to explore a different side of Sin City, there’s never been a better time to visit.


Seven delicious breakfast buffets in Las VegasThey say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And when you’re in Las Vegas – walking the Strip all day and dancing in clubs all night – it’s best to fuel-up. For the perfect start to your day, take a look at our favourite breakfast buffets in Las Vegas.


A guide to LGBT Vegas

by AllisonDuck May 2015 - last edited September

A guide to LGBT VegasWith one of the top nightclub scenes in the world and more headliners than you can shake feather boa at, Las Vegas has quickly established itself as one of the top destinations for LGBT travellers. Take a look at our guide to LGBT Vegas and start planning your next trip.


An Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas GamblingThe glittering lights, the irrepressible glamour, and, of course, the dreams of winning big: gambling in Las Vegas isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. And few know that better than Anthony Curtis, who’s called the city – and its casinos – home since the age of 21. One of the country’s best known professional players, he’s taken home huge jackpots in tournaments like the World Matchplay Blackjack Championships and the Atlantic City Craps Championship. In short, for anyone looking to dip a toe or two in the Las Vegas gambling scene, he’s the man to know.


10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the US

by ClaireBullen March 2015 - last edited September

10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the USHundreds of square metres of space. Round-the-clock butler service. Private terraces. Jaw-dropping views. At the top luxury hotel suites in the US, these aren’t even the highlights. Of course, these are certainly wallet-opening stays, but for those after a bit of high-rolling, it’s hard to envision a more opulent way to travel.


The Booming Arts Scene of Las Vegas

by Virgin-Atlantic December 2014 - last edited October by Community Manager


Of the millions of tourists who visit Las Vegas each year, most come in search of the desert city's legendary casinos, entertainment and nightlife. However, there's a growing number of visitors keen to experience another side of Vegas – that represented by its burgeoning arts scene.