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Where to go cycling in the Caribbean

by SarahWoods 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

Where to go cycling in the CaribbeanFrom gentle family cycling trips, pedal-pounding biking tours and fun-filled cycling excursions to thrilling mountain bike adventures through bird-filled rainforests, there are plenty of scenic places to go cycling in the Caribbean.


Port Antonio in JamaicaTo the locals, beautiful Port Antonio will always be known as ‘Porty’, a place with small-town charm, friendly folk, arts and crafts and the best jerk chicken in the world. Take a look at our guide to this sleepy Jamaican town.


A guide to Rastafarian Jamaica

by SarahWoods December - last edited January by Community Manager

Rastafarian JamaicaRastafarianism first became a major force in Jamaica in the 1930s, when influential political activist Marcus Garvey became a dedicated and dynamic advocate. By the time Haile Selassie I – known as the 'Conquering Lion of Judah', and deemed by many a Rastafari god – paid a visit to the Island in 1966, Rastafarian Jamaica had become a reality.


The secret beaches of JamaicaWith its 650-miles of scenic coastline and numerous outlying islands, reefs and cays, Jamaica offers a seemingly endless succession of beaches, each distinctly unique. Many of the best beaches of Jamaica are party hangouts filled with family picnickers, volleyball nets, food vendors and reggae rhythms. Others are utterly secluded sandy stretches where the only backbeat is the lullaby sound of the Caribbean Sea.


James Bond in Jamaica

by SarahWoods January 2015 - last edited October

James Bond in JamaicaJames Bond films aren’t just about high-speed car chases, tuxedos and beautiful women; they also feature stunning scenery in the starring role, with the isle of Jamaica a true scene-stealer. Take a look at our guide to James Bond in Jamaica, for the Caribbean’s hottest scenes.


Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday in Jamaica

by SarahWoods December 2014 - last edited October

Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday in JamaicaWith streets festooned with Rastafarian flags and bunting, Jamaica is readying itself for an influx of reggae-tourists in 2015 as the island prepares to celebrate musical icon Bob Marley’s birthday in what would have been his 70th year.