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Downtown Indianapolis | The Eco-Friendly City

Saving the earth is a community-wide effort in Indianapolis. With solar farms, bike sharing, electric car rentals, eco-savvy attractions and one of the most forward-thinking bike/pedestrian trails in the United States, the eco-friendly city is definitely a destination environmentally conscious travellers can feel good about visiting.


Indianapolis For Kids

by AmyLynch May - last edited October

Indianapolis for Kids

Exciting exhibitions, plenty of green spaces and interesting attractions that appeal to all ages makes Indianapolis the ideal family holiday destination. Here are our suggestions of great places in Indianapolis for kids to discover and enjoy.


Indianapolis Speedway: A Neighbourhood Guide

by AmyLynch January 2014 - last edited October

Indianapolis 500 | Indianapolis SpeedwayIndianapolis is known as the auto racing capital of the world, and with good reason. From the Indianapolis Speedway area west of downtown all the way out into neighbouring Hendricks County, there’s plenty here to get your motor revving. 


Between Meetings | Ten Things to Do in Indianapolis in an HourIndianapolis is full of fun ways to spend an entire day or weekend, but if you’ve only got an hour to spare between meetings, don’t fret. The Racing Capital of the World still proves a well-rounded destination, even when you’re pressed for time. 


Discover Indianapolis | Racing Capital of the WorldNicknamed the “Crossroads of America", Indianapolis presents a diverse blend of culture, sports, entertainment and history, all from a convenient Midwestern location within a day’s drive of half the U.S. population. Dubbed the racing capital of the world, here’s how to discover Indianapolis like a local.