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Adventures Beyond Hong Kong: Breathtaking Li River Photos

by Chantelle August 2014 - last edited 2 weeks ago

Breathtaking Li River Photos

It has long been regarded as one of China’s most scenic and grandest area of China, and it is no surprise that the winding Li River attracts thousands of visitors to its tranquil shores every year. Check out our stunning Li River photos and discover one of the most beautiful sights, just a short trip away from Hong Kong. 


The Essential Kowloon Shopping Guide

In a city as frenzied and fast-paced as Hong Kong, it’s hard to escape the feeling that somewhere just around the corner, you’re missing out on something incredible. It was that niggling feeling that first inspired menswear designers, Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye, to start producing a Hong Kong city guide for their bespoke tailoring customers. Take a look at their essential Kowloon shopping guide for some unique fashion finds.


Hong Kong Islands to Visit For Sun, Sand and Surf

by Apple March 2014 - last edited 2 weeks ago

Beach Destinations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be dotted with sweeping skyscrapers, but it's also home to secluded coves and pristine beaches. We've selected some of the top Hong Kong Islands to visit for sun, sand and surf.


High Roller's Guide to Casinos in Macau

by Apple February 2014 - last edited 2 weeks ago

High-Rolling Holidays | Visiting Macau's CasinosIf you’re looking for a gambling experience a la James Bond, or simply want some action on the tables, then place your bets at Asia’s biggest gambling centre: Macau


Between Meetings: 10 Things to See in Hong Kong in an Hour

by Apple December 2013 - last edited 2 weeks ago

Between Meetings: 10 Things to See in Hong Kong in an HourBusiness travellers will find a variety of places to explore and things to see in Hong Kong, even on the shortest of trips. If you want to add a little local know-how to your business trip, check out our 10 recommendations to include in your itinerary.


Through the Lens: The Best Hong Kong FilmsHong Kong has long proved a captivating setting for both local and foreign filmmakers. The vibrant city, known for its East-meets-West cultural identity, has a unique ambiance that’s perfectly suited to the movies.