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Beyond Havana: Exploring Vinales Valley

Over a hundred miles from Havana, on the Western edge of the Cuban mainland, lies one of the most beguiling places in the Caribbean. Follow our guide to uncovering the rich heritage and wondrous beauty of the Viñales Valley.


An Aficionado's Guide to Cigars in Havana

Although other places have tried to rival the high standards of Cuban cigar making, they somehow fall short, making the city of Havana a pilgrimage site for any cigar aficionado. Here are some great tips on where to seek out the best cigars in Havana, and the places and people that can impart expert knowledge along the way.


the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Caribbean

If you’re planning to go au natural there’s no better time to do so than on a trip to the Caribbean’s striking coastlines. Whether you’re a nudie newbie or have never quite grown out of taking your kit off at any opportune moment, finding a great nudist beach whilst on holiday in the tropics is simpler than you might think. Here are a few of the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Caribbean to inspire your next trip.


Where to Eat Street Food in Havana

by ElizabethGourd February - last edited October by Moderator

Havana Street FoodIt’s fair to say that that Havana is not famous for its haute cuisine. In the land of bountiful cheap rum and navy strength mojitos, gastronomy has been somewhat limited by food rationing. Yet what Havana lacks in culinary refinement, it more than makes up for with a robust culture of street food that speaks to the history of the nation.


Travelling with Teenagers | Things to Do in HavanaWhile many of Cuba’s best-known and loved attributes are anything but family-friendly (cigars, rum, raucous salsa dens…), there are still plenty of things to do in Havana while travelling with teenagers. Offering a compelling mix of dilapidated yet beautiful historic sites, pretty beaches, and rich culture, the city has tons of cool places to interest the whole family.


Eight Great Casas Particulares in Havana

by LydiaBell May 2013 - last edited November 2013 by Community Manager

Casas | Havana

On a tight budget but still want to get under the skin of Havana? Access the private accomodation market, which runs the gamut of bare-bones spare bedrooms to 1950s suburban homes with original cocktail bars, with these eight great casas particulares in Havana.