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Gaurav Patel's guide to dining in Raleigh-DurhamAsk for a dinner recommendation in Raleigh and, guaranteed, one of Gaurav Patel’s (otherwise known as, “G”) will be on the list. But where does G turn when it’s time for a good bite or a cocktail at the end of a busy day? We caught up with him to find out, and along with a few of his own establishments, he shared some of his favourite local food spots in Raleigh and Durham.


10 best golf courses in North CarolinaOld Course at St. Andrews. Augusta National Golf Club. Pinehurst No. 2. Those are three names you’ll hear from any avid golfer when you ask for their golfing bucket list. Here’s a list of 10 of the best golf courses in North Carolina to play next time you’re in town.


The wild horses of the Outer Banks

by JFrye June - last edited September

Wild horses of the Outer BanksAlong the coast of North Carolina, a long, thin stretch of barrier islands called the Outer Banks are home to turquoise waters and envy-inducing beaches, a few intrepid full-time residents, and three herds of wild horses known as Banker Ponies. See the wild horses of the Outer Banks for yourself on your next trip to North Carolina.


Blues and Bluegrass in North Carolina

by JFrye April 2015 - last edited September

Blues and Bluegrass in North CarolinaSomewhere in the mountains along the border between North Carolina and Virginia, bluegrass – that American musical genre personified by banjo, mandolin and fiddle – was born. In Raleigh, Durham and surrounding cities, you’ll find plenty of places to get an earful of some mighty fine bluegrass and blues.


Bennett Place: Durham and the American Civil War

by JFrye December 2014 - last edited September

Bennett Place: Durham and the American Civil WarWhen the first Confederate cannon were fired on South Carolina’s Fort Sumpter in 1861, the American Civil War had begun. While the history books tell one story of the end of the Civil War—history buffs around Durham, North Carolina, know the true story: that it was in their town, in a farmhouse called Bennett Place, that the Civil War met its final end.


The Best New Durham Boutique Hotels

by JFrye October 2014 - last edited September

Best New Durham Boutique Hotels

A trio of stylish boutique hotels are poised to open their doors in Durham’s vibrant downtown, helping to elevate the city’s status as one of the best and most vibrant in the South. Take a look and discover the city’s hottest places to rest your head.