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Columbus: Home of America's Best Ice Cream

by Claudia a month ago - last edited a month ago

Columbus: Home to America's Best Ice Cream

The quality of local ice cream isn’t typically a factor when picking out a holiday destination. However, it certainly helps sway the decision process when planning a trip to Columbus, home of America’s best Ice cream. 


A Golfer’s Guide to Columbus’ Best CoursesGolf may have gotten its start in Britain, but it has Columbus to thank for producing the world’s best golfer – and some of the world’s best golfing. Take a look at our golfer’s guide to Columbus for the city’s best courses.


Arch City: A Beginner's Columbus Guide

by Claudia January - last edited April by Community Manager

Arch City | Columbus GuideDubbed the Arch City, Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States and the nation’s second-fastest growing metro area. And with one of the United States’ largest universities, The Ohio State University, there’s no shortage of newcomers around town. Take a look at our beginner’s Columbus guide for some of the city’s top spots.


Columbus: A Guide to the Short North

by Claudia January - last edited January

Columbus | A Guide to the Short NorthIf you only have one day in Columbus, you should definitely head down to the Short North Arts District, the city’s hippest urban neighbourhood. With many of Columbus’ top restaurants and its biggest collection of art galleries, it’s easy to spend several days here.


The Top Ten Business Breakfasts in Columbus

by Claudia January - last edited January by Moderator

Top Ten Business Breakfasts in ColumbusIf you’re heading to Columbus for business, you may want to schedule your meetings over breakfast. The city’s restaurants take the first meal of the day seriously with scrumptious offerings like freshly-made croissants and homemade preserves and banana-topped ricotta pancakes. Here are our top ten places to enjoy a business breakfast in town.