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Hotel de Glace: Quebec City Ice Hotel

by JenniferMerrick 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

The Quebec City Ice HotelDrinks on ice, definitely. But sleeping on ice? That's hard to fathom. Yet despite preconceptions, over 48,000 visitors have done just that at the Quebec City Ice Hotel.


The Loop: A Winnipeg Walking Tour

The Loop is an 8km downtown Winnipeg walking tour that reveals the city’s rich history, Chicago-style modernist architecture, and enthusiastic food culture with 49 numbered stops. Visit some (or all) of them to become acquainted with this big little city’s central neighbourhoods.


Chemin du Roy from Quebec to Montreal

Fun-loving and cosmopolitan, Montreal is Quebec's largest city and the second biggest francophone population in the world. 250 kilometres to the east lies Quebec City, the province's cultural and romantic capital. Both cities are celebrated for their festival atmosphere, history, artistic flare, and good food. To get from Quebec City to Montreal, take a drive down the historic Chemin du Roy.


The Toronto Film Festival 2014

The Toronto International Film Festival is the city’s yearly retreat into all things Hollywood. During the 11-day foray into the latest and greatest in the world of film, Toronto teems with celebrities, directors, industry mavens, and ever-enthusiastic film lovers who descend upon Canada’s largest city for this incredibly influential festival. Here, we give you a leg-up on other festival-goers as we highlight some of the best spots to stay, eat and party like an A-Lister.


The Ottawa Highland Games

The North Lanark Highland Games — set in the Ottawa Valley, just an hour east of the capital — celebrates Scottish heritage with more than a wee bit of fun. With dancers, pipe bands and athletes, see why the Ottawa Highland Games is well worth a trip to Canada.


Exploring Ontario's Haliburton Forest Reserve

Torontonians refer to the Haliburton Highlands as ‘cottage country’. Nine-to-fivers leave work early on Fridays and flee 220 kilometres north of the city, where they find rolling hills, 600-plus lakes, and rugged forests. Take a look at our guide to the Haliburton Forest Reserve for the perfect weekend away.