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A Tour of the Atlanta BeltLineAtlanta is known for its harrowing traffic, but the city is undergoing a massive revitalization effort to help make it a more pedestrian-friendly place. The Atlanta BeltLine is a sustainable project aimed at providing a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit by re-using 22-miles of historic railroad corridors circling downtown and connecting 45 neighbourhoods to each other.


10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the US

by ClaireBullen 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago

10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the USHundreds of square metres of space. Round-the-clock butler service. Private terraces. Jaw-dropping views. At the top luxury hotel suites in the US, these aren’t even the highlights. Of course, these are certainly wallet-opening stays, but for those after a bit of high-rolling, it’s hard to envision a more opulent way to travel.


On Business in Atlanta

by Giannina February - last edited February by Moderator

On Business in AtlantaBusiness travel doesn’t have to be all meetings and presentations. When travelling for work, try to sneak in some pleasurable pursuits. In Atlanta, this means sampling a varied culinary scene, shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques and taking in the attractions that set this Southeastern metropolis apart. Take a look at our guide to getting the most out of being on business in Atlanta.


Tough Mudder EventsPicture being dunked in frigid vats of ice water. Crawling through mud – while being electrocuted. Scrambling up greased walls, wading through waist-high muddy water, and, on top of that, running for miles and miles. No, this isn’t boot camp or a new form of torture – it’s Tough Mudder, and it’s spearheading a huge new trend for endurance, obstacle course-style group challenges. Try your hand at these top Tough Mudder events, if you dare.


The Best Peach Dishes in the Peach City

by Giannina September - last edited October by Community Manager

The Best Peach Dishes in the Peach CityAs spring turns to summer, peaches across Georgia ripen to perfect red and golden yellow hues. Picked off the vine and shipped across the state and country, many of these juicy fruits end up as feature attractions on the summer dessert menus of restaurants, particularly those in the Peach City. Here, we give you five peach-inspired dishes from top restaurants in Atlanta.


A Neighbourhood guide to Virginia-Highland

If you’re looking for a quaint neighbourhood in which to take a stroll, hang out in Virginia-Highland. Often nicknamed "VaHi" or “Highlands”, this buzzing district is located just a few miles from the heart of downtown Atlanta, and a short distance from Midtown’s popular Piedmont Park.