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Getting Physical: Cape Town's Sporting Challenges

by KeithBain January 2014 - last edited October

Getting Physical | Cape Town's Sporting ChallengesKnown for its ritzy beaches and effervescent party culture, fitness-obsessed Cape Town also hosts some of the world’s once-in-a-lifetime sporting challenges, and is ground zero for a number of water-based activities that are worth travelling for.


Things to See in Cape Townin Cape Town many people are involved in industries that don’t require a fixed address – meaning it’s refreshingly easy to get out and experience some of the many things to see and do.


African Sounds: A Guide to the Johannesburg Music Scene

by KeithBain November 2013 - last edited February

African Sounds: A Guide to the Johannesburg Music SceneIt often comes as a shock to hear that South Africa – and Johannesburg in particular – is today's global capital of house music. It’s consumed with such voracity you’d swear it was invented here. Yet, while statistically house music is bigger here than anywhere else on the planet, it’s only one part of a very diverse and stridently eclectic music landscape.


Cape Town: The New World Design Capital for 2014

by KeithBain November 2013 - last edited October

Cape Town | World Design CapitalOnce a mere sailor’s refreshment station at the southernmost tip of Africa, Cape Town has been designated World Design Capital for 2014...


A Cultural Regeneration: A New Stylish Johannesburg

by KeithBain October 2013 - last edited February

A Cultural Regeneration | The Living Room

Much like the cultural regeneration of other major metros, Johannesburg's reinvention has been happening in clustered sectors, birthing hubs of creative entrepreneurship and urban activity that have transformed previously-avoided areas into popular destinations.


Johannesburg Watering Holes | RandlordsAsk anyone here with a social bone in their body, and they’ll tell you that Johannesburg is all about its nightlife – although the merry-making frequently straddles both sides of the after-dark divide. And the vast range of bars in Johannesburg means you’ll find something to your taste no matter what your particular poison.