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Bay Area BeautyIf Willy Wonka had gone into cosmetics instead of chocolate, he might have imagined a company much like 100% Pure. Lychee, cherry, and raspberry lip glosses. Peppermint deodorants, pink-grapefruit body scrubs, and mushroom eye creams. Only in the Bay Area beauty scene could a fruit- and vegetable-dyed makeup be invented. Instead of “eating your vegetables,” you might find yourself wearing them instead. Or eating your skincare regimen.


10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the US

by ClaireBullen March 2015 - last edited September

10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the USHundreds of square metres of space. Round-the-clock butler service. Private terraces. Jaw-dropping views. At the top luxury hotel suites in the US, these aren’t even the highlights. Of course, these are certainly wallet-opening stays, but for those after a bit of high-rolling, it’s hard to envision a more opulent way to travel.


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We're doubling our flights between London Heathrow and San Francisco, by adding a second daily service from 24 October – and we'll be putting our newest aircraft on the route.


San Francisco: A Neighbourhood Guide to Dogpatch

by Lindsay February 2015 - last edited October

 A Neighbourhood Guide to DogpatchOnce a booming centre for industrial enterprises and shipping, San Francisco's Dogpatch district is now peppered with designers, artisanal brewers, winemakers, and chefs. Take a look at our neighbourhood guide to Dogpatch for the best places to visit on your next trip to San Francisco.


The Top Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco

by Lindsay January 2015 - last edited November

The Top Michelin Star Restaurants in San FranciscoTo experience all of the travel-worthy restaurants in this city, you’d have to plan a yearlong sabbatical. But for those on a slightly tighter schedule, we’ve done the legwork for you with our guide to the top Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco.


What to Do in SFOMost of us cringe when we encounter a flight delay. Unless that delay happens to be at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which has quickly become a destination in its own right. The question of what to do in SFO is almost endless, with travellers taking full advantage of one of the most innovative airports in the country.