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A Thrill Seeker's Guide to Disney Water Rides

The scorching temperatures of summer have officially descended on the Orlando area, which means relief from the 90-degree swelter comes in the form of water, and lots of it. Luckily for you, Walt Disney World offers a slew of incredible rides. Disney expert Debra Martin Koma reveals the best Disney water rides around.


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Sunshine and world class theme parks; the irresistible combination that makes Orlando, Florida one of the most visited cities in the US. But scratch beneath the surface of "The City Beautiful" and you'll unearth a lesser known aspect of central Florida in its thriving craft beer scene.


Thomas Thorspecken: The Art of Urban Sketching in OrlandoEx Disney animator, Thomas Thorspecken, showcases the real Orlando through his daily sketches. We spoke to the artist about his Urban Sketching guide book, being inspired by the city's grassroots arts groups, and how Orlando has evolved over the years


Starlit Flicks | Orlando's Outdoor CinemasWhile much of the country shivers through the autumn and winter months, Orlando shifts into its most pleasant temperatures, making the area the ideal locale to while away warm, sundrenched days that dissolve into coolish, starlit nights with only the slightest hint of a chill in the air. These evenings are perfect for an outdoor film screening, a trend that has seen many new outdoor cinemas or screenings open up in Orlando.


Beyond Orlando: Three Great Florida State Parks

by KimTaylor November 2013 - last edited July 2014 by Chantelle

Florida State Parks | Devils Millhopper

Florida is famous for its incredible natural scenery, from pristine beaches through to wild backwaters and murky swampland. Take a holiday in Orlando and you'll find the area is also home to some stunning state parks, many of which are far enough off the tourist trail to warrant some serious exploration.


Travelling with Teenagers: Cool Places in Orlando

by KimTaylor October 2013 - last edited July 2014 by Chantelle

Travelling with Teens | Cool Places in OrlandoOrlando is ripe with things to do for kids, but what about those picky teenagers who are only interested in seeing the cool places? Luckily, we've found five ways to entertain the whole family when travelling with teenagers in tow.