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Boundary Waters Wilderness: A Weekend on the WaterThe Boundary Waters Wilderness is best described in terms that end in –est: Home not only to the oldest rock formation (2.7 million years old), but also the highest point in Minnesota (Eagle Mountain, at 2,301 feet), and the host site of the largest remaining contiguous area of uncut forest in the eastern United States.


Minnesota Ice Fishing: The Other North Pole

by KatieDohman March 2014 - last edited October

Minneapolis Ice Fishing Wigwam Resort

Bitter cold and blowing snow – even this year’s Polar Vortex, which was defined as a “cold hurricane” of sorts, according to meteorologists – won’t keep Minnesotans inside. A winter holiday to Minnesota wouldn’t be complete without walking on (frozen) water—they won’t blame you if you aren’t ready to plunge in just yet.


Minneapolis Neighbourhood Guide | Things to do in North LoopThe response to the North Loop neighbourhood in Minneapolis has been extraordinary. Over the last year, the neighbourhood’s development has exploded, thanks to independent retailers and restaurateurs and an abundance of chic, rehabbed warehouse-style buildings. 


The Best Nordic Restaurants in Minnesota

Minnesotans have long been punchlines to jokes involving lutefisk and lefse. But Nordic dining is back in style—and Minnesota’s got the best street cred in the country. There are a variety of Scandinavian Minnesota restaurants offering fresh, clean, hardworking dishes that are super-satisfying and sophisticated but that also pay homage to Nordic roots.


A Beginner's Guide to Minneapolis

by KatieDohman January 2014 - last edited October

Minneapolis Essential City Guide

Minneapolis and St. Paul – the Twin Cities – regularly top best of lists when it comes to liveability, fitness, smarts, and arts. All great reasons to book a flight to Minneapolis and check out the city’s offerings for yourself with the help of our beginner's guide to Minneapolis…