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A neighbourhood guide to Lowertown in St PaulThe Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul have a diverse collection of neighbourhoods between them, and as the hottest neighbourhood in St. Paul right now, Lowertown is one well worth knowing. We take a look at the best ways to spend your time on a visit to Lowertown.



10 of the best winter sports in Minnesota

by Rachel-Ingram December - last edited December

10 of the best winter sports in MinnesotaMinnesota may be dubbed the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’, but when temperatures drop and waters freeze, the state transforms into a thrill-seeker's winter wonderland. Whether you want to dust off your skis or try a new sport – skijoring and snow kiting are two particularly intriguing new fads – these are the best winter sports in Minnesota.


The Twin Cities: A St. Paul guide

by KatieDohman July - last edited October

A St. Paul guideCalling St. Paul and Minneapolis the Twin Cities is a bit of a misnomer, unless you’re talking about fraternal twins. Also called the “City of Neighbourhoods,” St. Paul’s sprawl comprises several worlds, from the classically staid row of Summit Avenue mansions to the bustling, vibrant Hmongtown market in Frogtown and the up-and-coming arts and entertainment district of Lowertown.


Visiting Isle Royale National Park

by KatieDohman May 2015 - last edited October

Visiting Isle Royale National ParkPerhaps the best-kept secret of all the great US parks, visiting Isle Royale National Park promises rugged, untamed landscapes and plenty of peace and quiet. Surrounded by the waters of Lake Superior, this is the ultimate natural wonderland to explore on a trip to Minnesota or Michigan.


Top 10 Minnesota Golf Courses

by KatieDohman March 2015 - last edited October

Top 10 Minnesota Golf CoursesPerhaps because Minnesotans spend so much time looking at snow-covered ground, they’re particularly passionate about the greens – golfing greens, that is. Here are a few of the most popular Minnesota golf courses – check them out before the snow returns.


Heard But Not Seen: The Elusive Minnesota Wolf

by KatieDohman December 2014 - last edited October

The Elusive Minnesota WolfIn some ways, one of the most iconic animals of the great north is also one of the most mysterious. Like anything that’s hard to capture, the elusiveness of the Minnesota wolf makes it a magnetic draw.