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Secret Shopping Guide to Wynwood | Elemental StoreWhen people think of Miami they tend to gravitate towards the idea of soft sand beaches, palm trees, and nightlife. However, in addition to all those attractions, Miami is home to an eclectic shopping scene with an abundance of great Design District stores.


Top Florida Golf CoursesWith an abundance of lush vegetation, flat land and an ocean breeze, it’s no wonder Miami Beach golf courses are often mentioned throughout golf media as ‘must plays’ – from PGA Tour grade holes to budget friendly options.


Florida: Best Beaches not in Miami

by KristinClark August 2013 - last edited 4 weeks ago by Chantelle

Seculded Miami BeachesFlorida is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical weather, but some stretches of sand are more popular than others. In our opinion it's worth making that little extra effort to find the perfect spot. 


Miami Shrimp Shacks: The Best Seafood in Miami

by KristinClark July 2013 - last edited August 2013 by Community Manager

Miami Seafood Shcaks | The Best Seafood in MiamiFlorida is surrounded by water on three sides, so it’s no surprise that the region is home to some of the country's freshest seafood. But finding the more down-at-earth, hidden-away spots can be a somewhat tedious task. These ‘shacks’ may not be equipped with fine linens or modern decor, but you'd better believe you’ll be served some of the best seafood in Miami, fresh from the Florida seas.


Underground Miami Art Galleries

by Community Manager June 2013 - last edited 3 weeks ago by Chantelle

Underground Art Galleries | Miami

Miami has a hub of 'underground' spaces where contemporary art is flourishing behind closed doors – and it only takes a point in the right direction to uncover this scene for yourself. We've selected a few of the best Miami art galleries on offer...


Miami: Five Top Spots for Vintage Fashion

by Moderator February 2013 - last edited April 2013

Lincoln Road Miami © Maxine Sheppard.jpg

When it's time for a well-earned break, we like to take our sun, sea and sand with a little pinch of shopping on the side. And for us that means only one city - Miami.