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The Booming Arts Scene of Las Vegas

by Virgin-Atlantic December 2014 - last edited October by Community Manager


Of the millions of tourists who visit Las Vegas each year, most come in search of the desert city's legendary casinos, entertainment and nightlife. However, there's a growing number of visitors keen to experience another side of Vegas – that represented by its burgeoning arts scene.


The Rise of the Las Vegas Boutique Hotel

by KyleGoodwin December 2014 - last edited October

The Rise of the Las Vegas Boutique HotelThe rise of the Las Vegas boutique hotel has been gently reshaping Vegas’ general philosophy, offering a fascinating insight into the cultural evolution of this extravagant city.


A Guide To Las Vegas EDM

by LucyBishop October 2014 - last edited October by Community Manager

A Guide To Las Vegas

If you’re a fan of new wave EDM then the only way is Las Vegas. A trip to this sprawling mass of hotels, casinos and bars would not be complete without experiencing the Las Vegas EDM scene for yourself.


Why You Should Sign Up for Las Vegas Players Clubs

by RebeccaFrisch September 2014 - last edited October

Why you should sign up for Las Vegas Players Clubs

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a gambler, chances are, when you’re in Las Vegas, you won’t be able to resist feeding a few dollars into a slot machine or letting it ride at the table just once. While many visitors to Las Vegas come for experiences outside of the casinos, Las Vegas players clubs can be beneficial for all tourists, including those who choose to spend their hard-earned income away from the gaming floor.


Ten of the Best US Gay Pride Festivals

by ClaireBullen July 2014 - last edited July 2014

Ten of the Best US Gay Pride FestivalsHeld in cities all over the world, Pride is a rich and important celebration of LGBT communities, a festive and politically charged occasion that’s as colourful as it is inclusive. This past weekend saw a number of Gay Pride festivals light up across the US. But while June may be a high point for Pride, the party isn’t over yet.


A Road Trip Through the Valley of Fire State Park

Las Vegas is a magical city. You don’t have to travel far in any direction to experience some of the best restaurants, spas, entertainment and shopping in the US. But there’s something else that makes this destination more alluring than most. It is the city’s proximity to a stunning variety of breathtaking outdoor destinations, including the incredible Valley of Fire State Park.