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Ayurveda in India: eight of the best spa retreatsBalmy breezes rustling through coconut groves and spice plantations. Views of far-off mountain peaks. Retreats where you’re encouraged to cast aside technology, are pampered by spa treatments, and can indulge in the ultimate luxury: the ability to lose track of time for a while. These are a few of the things you can expect from Ayurveda in India.


10 Extraordinary Things to Do in Rajasthan

by ClaireBullen March 2015 - last edited June

10 Extraordinary Things to Do in RajasthanIndia’s largest state, set on the northwestern edge of the country where jungle descends into desert, this ancient region has more marvels than are possible to take in during a single trip. Sprawling palaces still, in many cases, house royal families, while towering forts made of sun-baked stone remind visitors of the region’s long history. Sign up for these 10 extraordinary things to do in Rajasthan.


The Delhi Kebab Trail

by Namrata March 2015 - last edited October

The Delhi Kebab TrailDelhi is not just the gateway to India, but also its gastronomic capital where you will find some of the most divine kebabs in the country. From tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries in Chandni Chowk to plush high-end restaurants, the Delhi kebab trail leads to a sheer explosion of flavours.


Great Indian Getaways Near Delhi

by Namrata December 2014 - last edited October

Great Indian Getaways Near DelhiWhen you've fully explored the delights of Delhi, and developed a talent for dodging its logic-defying traffic, you may just find yourself in need of a rural retreat. Whether it's a mango orchard retreat or soul searching in an ancestral heritage property, there’s no reason why you can't be at one with the universe in style at one of these great Indian getaways.


Virgin Atlantic Hindu Festivals Diwali in London David Hone.png

Diwali was recently celebrated across the globe, so we thought it perfect timing to not only look back at the Festival of Lights, but to explore the meanings behind other Hindu festivals. Here are just a few to look out for in the coming year, whether you’re staying in the UK or planning a trip to India


Time Travel Through Tombs in Delhi

by Namrata November 2014 - last edited October

Time Travel Through Tombs in DelhiIt may sound terribly morbid, but a wonderful way of gleaning the essence of this sprawling city is to go on a tour of the shrines and tombs in Delhi. The capital city has donned and discarded several avatars over the centuries and this self-styled tour is about revisiting the stories of the men and women who shaped Delhi's destiny.