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Five of the Best Rooftop Bars in Shanghai

by HelenElfer September 2013 - last edited July by Chantelle

Shanghai Night Life | The City's Coolest Rooftop BarsIn between the freezing winter and sticky hot summer are two glorious windows of light weather when Shanghai's rooftops really come to life.


Shanghai's Most Impressive Architectural Wonders

by Community Manager March 2013 - last edited September 2013

Shanghai Skyline © Gary LerudeIn the last few years Shanghai has continued to assert itself architecturally, and is home to some of the most striking and significant structures in the world.


Dishes to Die for: A Taste of Tokyo

by Community Manager March 2013 - last edited August

Warabimochi_header©Charles_Haynes.jpgIt’s undeniable, and perhaps unsurprising for the largest city in the world, that Tokyo is a utopia for food-lovers. The capital of Japan has been awarded more Michelin stars than any other city, by far, and its street food is simply incredible.


New Year, New World: Hong Kong Countdown

by Moderator February 2013 - last edited April 2013

Hong Kong New Year by Hong Kong Tourism Board.jpg

To see in 2013 in style, Hong Kong will stage the New Year, New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations; the largest-ever pyrotechnic show in the event's history...


Once in a Lifetime: Spectacular Shanghai Experiences

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited September

Once in a Lifetime Shanghai

The largest city in the world never disappoints us, especially when it comes to its unforgettable sights, sounds and activities – all of them the epitome of “larger than life’. The memories of these experiences in Shanghai will last a lifetime.


Insider Interview: Mio Yamada, Arts Editor of the Japan Times

by Community Manager January 2013 - last edited April 2013 by Moderator

Insider Interview Tokyo: Mio Yamada  

If anyone knows what is happening when, where and why in Tokyo, it’s Mio Yamada, the Arts Editor at the Japan Times. She takes some time out to chat to us about the art and culture of her home city – and reveals where we should really beshopping in Tokyo.