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The Heritage and History of Antigua

by SarahWoods August 2014 - last edited October

The Heritage and History of Antigua

A kaleidoscope of candy-hued colonial cottages and market stalls piled high with tropical fruits and blooms, the charm-packed capital city of St John’s is a great place to explore the rich history of Antigua. Here we chart the fascinating heritage celebrated throughout the island in our guide to some of Antigua's most majestic historical landmarks.


The Caribbean By Boat: How to Charter Your Own Yacht

by Chantelle August 2014 - last edited September

The Caribbean by boat: How to Charter Your Own Yacht

The idea of chartering your own private yacht, and setting sail across the Caribbean Sea is an alluring idea that most of us can only dream of. But for those who are up for the adventure, planning a trip and chartering your own yacht isn’t as complicated as you might think. Before you rush off to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when discovering the Caribbean by boat.


The Most Beautiful Nudist Beaches in the Caribbean

by Chantelle July 2014 - last edited September

the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Caribbean

If you’re planning to go au natural there’s no better time to do so than on a trip to the Caribbean’s striking coastlines. Whether you’re a nudie newbie or have never quite grown out of taking your kit off at any opportune moment, finding a great nudist beach whilst on holiday in the tropics is simpler than you might think. Here are a few of the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Caribbean to inspire your next trip.


Antigua Carnival 2014

by SarahWoods July 2014 - last edited December by Community Manager

The Antigua Carnival 2014

Dubbed "the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival" the 58th Antiguan Carnival is poised to dominate the island with its feel-good magical revelry from 26th July to 5th August. Unashamedly over-stated, Antigua Carnival 2014 will be a 10-day extravaganza of stunning pageants, up-tempo music, vibrant colours and fascinating Caribbean culture.


Sugar Beach crop © Maxine Sheppard.jpg

For many of us, Easter can't come soon enough this year – a chance for some well-deserved time off, and hopefully the long-awaited start of spring. If you're taking the opportunity to make a break for the sun, we've got the lowdown on the some of the best things to do in our hottest destinations.


Food in Antigua: A Culinary Caribbean Tour

by SarahWoods November 2013 - last edited October

Oil Down Stew | Food in Antigua

With its aromatic farmers markets, tropical fruit vendors, sizzling food joints, fine seafood and delectable fusion flavours that mix Creole-Caribbean and European flavours, Antigua is the perfect isle for a gastronomic splurge.