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Hong Kong’s Best Restaurants

You may think that feeding the rumbling stomachs of seven million foodies would be enough of a challenge for Hong Kong’s best restaurants, but that’s just the half of it. In a city that burns the candle at both ends and then sets fire to the middle too, hungry Hong Kongers expect to be able to sate their appetite wherever, whenever and however they choose.


On business in Lagos

by Nana Wednesday - last edited yesterday

On Business in LagosAs addictive as caffeine, Lagos is a sprawling city of bridges, creeks and rivers that link its island and mainland areas. A bursting-at-the-seams population and back history of shrewdly political, artistic and entrepreneurial characters has had an impact on the energetic rhythm of this West African metropolis. Whatever you choose to do on business in Lagos, the place will definitely leave you with a visually vibrant impression.


The best Nordic spas in Quebec

by JenniferMerrick Tuesday - last edited yesterday

The Best Nordic Spas in QuebecThe average spa day does not normally necessitate submerging yourself in cold water – and by cold we mean bone-chilling, take-your-breath-away freezing. Yet, visit one of the many Nordic spas in Quebec, and this is exactly what you’ll get.


Skydiver Amy Chmelecki on taking the leap

by Giverny Friday - last edited Friday

Amy Chmelecki

With an array of medals under her belt, not to mention a handful of world records to her name, the sky is the limit for professional skydiver, Amy Chmelecki. We caught up with her during one of her rare moments on the ground to find out what drives her, inspires her, and makes her happiest.



3D Printing Show London.png

The future of 3D printing is set to be unveiled this month when the 2015 3D Printshow rolls into London’s Brick Lane for what promises to be a fascinating three day exhibition. In order to shed some light on the capabilities of 3D printing technology, we spoke to some of this year’s leading exhibitors to find out more about the event itself, their favourite creations and hopes for the 3D future.


The Best Long Island BeachesIt’s fair to say that most of us wouldn’t associate New York City and its environs with beach holidays. But don’t let the skyscrapers and urban buzz distract you from the fact that the city is, well, surrounded by water. It’s time to explore the best Long Island beaches.